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  • I will be on and off all through the day so just keep checking but I should be on after 12:00 pm gmt -4 thats around the time I wake up maybe earlier depends on if I get enough sleep or not.
    seems I just missed you anyway I messaged back on the thread so hopefully you be available sometime that day.
    I am normally available randomly since I work but if you want to trade quickly we can now if your not busy :3 I just got to get my 3ds I just logged on for a bit.
    HAH, well played. That joke alone made it worth it! ;3 No problem at all! Hit me up if you need more cloning or want to trade again, I'm always around~
    Hahah sorry! I fell into the rhythm and POOF here we are. No worries! I'll sit on WiFi til ye ready~
    Aaaand I made 12 hahah, whoops! You are welcome to take all of them or just the 3 total, I'll release the rest!
    2 plus original? If yer sure! I can do quite a few at a time so it's no trouble really.
    Hahah, many people say that! I originally made them for communicating in random trades (I've got a bunch of other ones with other messages), but now they're just for better communicating in trades without the need for messages. It's very convenient~
    Okay! So how many clones for Arceus? I can do as many as you need really.
    Ah, it's posted on your own profile. You have to click "View Conversation" and reply there for them to appear on the other person's profile. Happens all the time to people unfamiliar with it hahah.
    No it didn't and OH MY GOD I TOTALLY FORGOT ahahahah. Yes okay, uh, let me send you back yer Pawniard and Yveltal and then I'll take him and clone him. Jesus, sorry. @w@
    Thank you much!! Gonna go clone, how many did you want again? I read "one plus original" for Yveltal, is that the same for Pawniard?
    Ah not at all!! It's very hard to make and keep trade times due to time differences and constant issues IRL, so that's a large partof it hahah. I have another person to trade with as well so if I don't get you first, it'll be just a moment!
    Ugh sorry, unfortunately my times are more like times I can come on, but I do not usually rush to come on unless someone tells me a specific time within that time frame. If you are still around, I shall boot up my game!
    Hahah, yes I am on GMT+9 so at the time of my posting this, it is 2:03 PM! If my times don't work we can try for the weekend, it's no big deal! c:
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