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  • Sookie? Yes I have her! She's not on my lists cuz she's part of my "SPECIAL" collection (which just means personal Pokemon I keep separate from everything else). Had you specifically wanted me to put her on my lists? :0
    Thats np. I can get you that :)

    You can add me directly on discord if you want? We can arrange it there then. Need your tag though
    Sounds good to me! I feel the same but in reverse; I have like 500 other games to be playing, but I still stick to Pokemon. I'm close to getting all the Shinies though, and once that's done I'll likely take a break from Pokemon or at least reduce my times even more, since I won't have a lot I need. @@
    That sounds like everyone's life tbh. It's when you don't try hard that things work out (at least with RNG; don't take that advice for job hunting or something similarly important lol).
    Indeed! This other guy had been wanting stuff to do for me but my list is basically down to the Venipede, so I had to turn him down. He's running out of things to do so this will work well haha.
    How could I forget? People keep offering to breed the Shiny Venipede for me and I kept turning them down because you were working so hard. @w@
    I mean, I still want an Adamant one (which I thought you were breeding so I told her to go for Jolly), but if you don't wanna do it then DAMN SON you shoulda told me years ago! I've been telling you you can quit at any time but NOOOO you had to be all martyr-like and keep going. I'm hoping this means you'll actually stop; maybe you'll get some of your sanity back. @@ Besides, I've got another guy who'll do an Adamant one for me, a guy that actually sold his soul to Arceus and spends every waking moment Shiny hunting lol.
    Thanks for the feelings I guess? And don't worry about it! I always took it more as an "I'll try" rather than a promise per se. Shiny hunting is not easy; that's why I trade for everything I want. @w@
    thanks for the trade hope you enjoy what i gave you as well bunch of breedjects i was breeding awhile ago not sure if you need any of the ball choices or ha :) and alrighty i just add 6 more credits for the trade and call it a day ^_^
    there is a discord chat located in my shop lol which i am on there most of the time if i am off from serebii unless i am at work of course ^_^ i am online though working art stuff atm though but i can take a break to trade quick if you want?
    i be on tommorow most of the day if you can get in contact with me to trade ^_^ if can't i can do it wensday,or friday as well I am off from work around those times you mentioned ^_^
    well can't trade right now do to about to battle someone for my league gym before bed time its late atm where I live be going to bed I be on tomorrow as well :/ we keep missing each other alot lol
    I am online have to trade road as well for clones so i mean i can trade if I don't finish before I eat dinner i can trade afterwards quickly...
    that is fine take your time I understand which I am off from work tuesday,wensday and friday so no worries :) and yes there credits :D
    i am back on again? do you want to do the trade right now I can do it before i go to bed got work in the morning thats why XD
    i will be on tommorow after 1:30 pm my time which I be on and off again so keep a eye out and so will I sorry was busy the last few days with work thats why I haven't been online.
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