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  • Phew, done!

    Top - http://i41.*******.com/2wbywdg.png
    Bottom - http://i43.*******.com/2q9jouv.gif

    I tried fitting the bag in, but it just ended up too crammed~
    Ooh, adorable drawing~ But yeah, I looked for a request form but I couldn't find one.
    Could have just derped, but all is good now.
    Oh, before I get to work on Noivern. Did you want him awake or not? Also, did you have a preferred tail speed? I don't think you ever properly filled out a request form. :I
    Noivern isn't, Tyrunts been sought after but not officially claimed yet, and Braixen's already been done. :p
    Well. Er. I'm starting on clocks right now and you still haven't posted what you wanted. I'm going to have to quickly skip over it until you tell me. =/
    So your request is next in the queue. Any clue yet what you want made? Because I'll probably be starting on it tomorrow~
    Just in case you missed it in the thread:

    Actually, Hydreigon's currently in the queue. Sadly.
    Though if you pick something else the slots still yours.
    Happy Birthday! I made this Ribbon myself.

    Birthday Ribbon
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