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  • You will not regret hunting for it ;) shiny minior is to me one of the best shinies in gen7.

    If you do decide to MM it too, I have some Moon Ball spares if your interested.

    I'm currently hunting Dewpider in a Lure ball and Dhelmise in a Level ball.
    May we both be lucky ^^
    Mhm, sure is quiet now that most of the old gang is gone. I too have what would pass for a 'life' but gen 6 sounded way to exciting to pass up, so here I am 8D

    ..but honestly, I actually came back because I really needed friend safari stuff, and thought hey, serebii exists. Ironically I rarely use the safari lately even though I have ditto and whatnot as I get most of the stuff and things I need on the GTS/Wonder trade. Heck, I got a 4-IV Inkay on wonder trade and what does the safari give me? An adamant shiny larvesta >_>

    Still, shiny hunting is actually fun in gen 6, so that's pretty good reason for me to stick around.
    Oh you got the shiny archen! Nice :p its going to be my next hunt after eevee love the green color
    ah same here! I watched it from scratch, it took me about three months I think. I wanted to get the feel of how everything went and why OP was such a big deal. now I know! c': but sadly, I barely have the time to watch it 'cause of school. I can only watch it on weekends. I can't tell if that's a good or bad thing though 'cause I have more episodes to watch, teehee.~

    mhm, great whites are overrated, but they're still cool! LAW FTW his DF ability is just awesome. haha I know right, especially boa. c': I hope they have an arc where they show more of boa's past as a slave, it'll be interesting. same here, the SH girls look amazing now!

    Franky and Brook sure are SUUUUUPER and Miss Sunday was so cool as well. and ikr haha. i'm interested in seeing dragon's past and how he became a revolutionary. same with kuma.
    I know right! It does feel awesome. c': I barely have time to watch it too so the episodes just keep comin' and comin. If only school wasn't in the way. ><
    So do I! Arlong was one of my favorite villains, aside from Crocodile of course. teehee.~ and I know right, he is stupid haha, he looks like a grandma whenever he eats those energy steroids. My favorite character huh? That's a difficult one! I'd have to say it's a tie between Law and Zoro. My favorite SH would definitely be Zoro and Nami. NAMI-SWANNNNN~ she's so kawaii and smexy. c': of course Robin is too it's just that I like Nami-swan better teehee,~

    and no problem! I wish I could be as good as you at GFXing!
    Ah, I'm only on episode 561 so I have a long way to go, which is good. ^_^
    I'm not caught up yet, I'm up to the part where the Strawhats are fighting the New Fishman Pirates!
    Btw, your graphics and drawings are awesome! They're so good.~ it's not like I stalked you or anything.
    Teehee, hey Sir Crocodile. c':
    Thank you! I already know I'm awesome. haha jk jk. thanks! ;3
    Are you fully caught up with One Piece?
    Hi there! So I just had to send you a FR because your profile picture is Crocodile and your username is awesome.
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