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  • how many copies each....and right now i will be able to trade.....but not clone since i am using my phone......
    Don't worry because I hardy give up of a trade. I may forget, but my goal is once I make a deal, I will try to make it happen even if take a little time for this. I think I won't be available tomorrow. But how about in friday? I usually receive your messages in the beggining of the morning to afternoon, but sadly at this time I'm usually at the University. Can you tell-me your Greenwhich Merdidian Time Zone and at what time are you usually available? I need to check if we will get a compatible time for trade.

    Thanks! =D
    Sorry dude I was actually hoping that we would trade the last weekend, I'm usually available after 9pm in my current time (-3GMT), probably a terrible time for you based in the last messages which I received from you. =(
    Can you tell-me your GMT and at what time you are usually available?
    So sorry didn't get back to you. Have the cloning done. My parents decided to pile up all the work on me today and drove me insane. Read your post in your shop, so sorry about this, if I'm too late.
    I have Aurora Ticket Flawless Speed deoxys with the nature timid he is UT and with all th original moves. One of my best friend got it from event and gave it too me.
    Do you want it?
    sorry but will take bit longer have to cut the lawn and my mom wont let me use my ds so give me a bit more time on to that thanks.
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