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  • Lots to answer, but I like that. :p I'll end up answering the questions as I explain my internship:
    I major in Marine Vertebrate Biology, and my internship is with Blue Ocean Institute, an organization that has a base at my local aquarium. I'll be helping out on an exploration boat that teaches people about the ocean that surrounds Long Island, where I live, and the animals that frequent or reside in those waters. I'll have a chance at actually being able to do the lecturing, but that's not final yet. I am a senior that should have graduated this semester, actually, but some complications at the beginning have pushed my graduation until next year. It's okay...I have a great summer ahead of me with this internship and research I will also be doing (taking some water samples at a local marsh where an important bait fish breeds and analyzing the fluctuations in CO2 and pH concentrations). College has been wonderful. :) And from your choice in major, I have to say that no matter what the condition of the field, you should always go with what you really love - that way when you have your career, it won't feel like you're going to work. XD How is high school? How do you feel about graduating and going to college in general?
    I understand your fading out of the anime fandom. Modding is one thing, being involved is another. My posting has gone down drastically since the good ol' days. I stay here because I like modding, but sometimes I feel like it's a place where old friends, like you, can still find me. :p I've kept up with the games, but sometimes I feel like the mainstream games aren't doing it either. I still just love Pikachu too much to let the whole thing go. I also love the spin-off games (Snap, Mystery Dungeon, and the PokeParks are my all-time favorite games, along with Endless Ocean 1 & 2, but that's unrelated, lol).
    Long message is long. XD
    I'm looking forward to summer vacation as well. I'll be starting up an internship then, so I can't wait for that...and not having to write papers. LOL What are you going to major in?
    Yeah, I've been here consistently since I joined. I still like Pokemon a lot, so I stick around. Modding's a nice pass-time when I need a break from school work, so, I keep up with it. :p
    Um... hi! hey did u ever finish ur first fic? about may drew and max? cuz the last one i could find waz when may ran away from drew and max... 0_o"
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