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  • What's the GIF in your signature from?
    It's an episode from the Sun and Moon anime. Couldn't tell you which episode it's from unfortunately. I thiiiink it's when they went to visit the Pikachu Paradise
    An anime fan! :3 could make for someone interesting to talk to XD I may check your anime list sometime and see if theres anything i could relate to :3 friends would be nice too XD are you also friends with pokegirlfan? She loves anime, too.
    I HIGHLY regret not preordering the Limited Edition for Zero Escape 3 last year as soon as it was up for preorder. It came with the watch in the game, and now I'll never get it :( Persona 5 needs to come out this year. Persona Q, DAN, and 5 were all announced at the same time. PQ came out in 2014, P4DAN in 2015, now P5 needs to be out in 2016.

    RNG in favor of the enemies suuuuuuck.

    I took 4 years of Japanese. My Sensei said we only learned enough to at least communicate well enough with 2nd graders lololololol

    Scythes dont get enough love. I'm so sick of always having a spear or sword or hammers, but almost always never scythes. How many games are there where the protagonist uses a scythe? Good on Bloodborne DLC to add it in! #Scythe2016

    Finally responded haha If I knew Hawaiian, I would apologize in Hawaiian, but in pidgin Hawaiian to make it sound like an apology but not really
    Did you only watch S;G's anime? I liked it just fine even with the edits, much more than DR's. Having finished the game, I do have some problems with the time travel, but I still love it. I still need to play S;G0. It's the story of the Okabe who failed to save Makise, the one that called from the future on the second to last episode IIRC.

    I still haven't touched F4 since then. The abundance of new games since then certainly didn't help. The only platinum I got in January was S;G. I hope to get Naruto's this month. I've plat both Storm 2 and 3, and 4 doesn't seem that hard too.

    Oh yeah, saw a magazine preview for that before. Combining with Pokémons sounds hawt. Combine with Onyx, and all the girls will always come running to you *wink wink*

    I'm still waiting for KHI/II.5HDR to come to PS4. KH3D doesn't have flashy combat. Dat II.8 HD Aqua dou hnnng DKC on SNES was a gem. If the NX has a DK game, I wish it has realistic graphics like DKC1, not cartoony like DKCR. If Chiaki AND Peko are back, then I'll scream louder than you. Hackers dumped P4DAN's files, and they found the costume of the Velvet Room twins! Ugh why can't P5 come out already?? Even FFXV is finally releasing this year.

    I had a dead pixel scare a few weeks ago. My dad was watching a movie on the new TV, then he suddenly started calling for me and asked me if the TV was broken. Fortunately, it was just the movie which had a stupid filter. If my 3 months old TV already had dead pixels, I would flip the eff out. PS I dropped my white Vita 2000 again, this time on wood. Was after work, on the bus on the way to home, playing Digimon, and kept dozing off every several minutes. I think I dropped it on the 5th snooze, was awakened by the dropped sound. No scratches! Would I be an idiot if I purposely dropped it on concrete to see if it would make scratches and dents? Most likely.
    I still need to get The Old Hunters. The lady Hunter in the boxart looks so BA. If she has a figure, I might lean heavily on getting it.

    Chicken bacon ranch mmmmm I haven't had bacon in several months now. I should rectify this problem ASAP. I was listening to the local radio a few weeks ago, and Subway now has $6 footlongs? Dafuq? The economy is still shet, and they have the audacity to raise it by a whopping $1??!! It was still shet pay though, even with the bonus. I was planning on going almost all digital, but Amazon now has 20% off new games! Digimon PS4 and Gravity Rush Remastered finally came to yesterday, a whole week after release, but at least I only paid $72 instead of $90. Amazon doesn't do Release-Date delivery to Hawaii, so I just opted for free shipping.

    Save your money before you get sucked in. It's too late for me. I now play the game at least once a day to do the training stages for 13 measly bricks in hopes of unlocking the newer stages! DVDs suck. Once you go Blu(Ray), you never go back. It's a charming butt monster. South Park had an episode about people with butts for faces, so I guess that made me accustomed to butt faces. Butt. Danganronpa is coming to Steam. Ugh I wish DR1&2 would come to PS4 too so I can double dip on both games. Can you recommend some good sites that sell anime/game themed shirts? I don't really want to put my card info on random sites.
    The dead pixel was no problem at all, just a slight annoyance. What handheld and where was the dead pixel located? My OG Vita has I think 2 dead pixels (1 on the top left, the near the bottom right), and has Mura blotches (those dark blotches when the screen goes dark)

    RoboNaegi is just a dumb nickname people have it since the hair looks like Makoto's. Is she black haired? I guess the green lighting confused me. I can't wait for it. I hope it releases this year. Zero Escape 3 and Danganronpa 3 the same year? *wipes sweat with nonexistent money*

    Sounds like Persona 3 FES's The Answer. BS deaths everywhere, even at the very first dungeon.

    Hotel workers get paid more than double fast food workers do, so that's a huge advantage there. I only worked 2 months at KFC, but I had worse memories of it than currently my six months at the hotel. Is your co-worker older or younger than you? If older, you can easily and definitely end her rudeness with a single comeback. One of my co-workers harasses me too, but I just ignore him by trying to talk Spanish for some reason (he's not Spanish, and I only know a few that Dora taught me when I was young). Isn't working longer than you're scheduled to called "overtime" though, meaning they had to pay you more? If so, I got screwed because I was still payed the same $8/h for those extra hours.

    Actually, all weapons are viable in the game since it's not like other JRPGs where early weapons are rendered useless by the time you get to midgame. I stayed with the Kirkhammer for most of my playthrough until I saw everyone using Ludwig and just copied them. I want to see the new weapons in the DLC though. BB's trick weapons are so cool visually. My jaw dropped when I saw the cane transform into a freaking whip.
    I'll get to the plat later, but I wanna finish Steins;Gate first. Game is so good. The Luka reveal made my jaw drop. I was like "Damn, she hot", then Okab... I mean Houoin said "But he's a dude". I laughed, but I was also sad. Now I'm happy since she's now a girl? She's will flat as Okarin remarked, but Mayuri called her Luka-chan instead of Luka-kun like she did in previous worldlines. Yeah, but it doesn't matter anymore since DR1/2's story will end in the DR3 anime instead of DR3 itself.

    Your partner can have infinite weight is you tell them to pick stuff up instead of directly giving it to them, but it's still annoying. Haven't played for over a month just because of that. Yeah, three trophies for each companion, but you have to give up on the other two. Yeah, you can just save before the decision, but it's gonna take a long time since I read you're not even close to the end of the companion yet by the time you're given the choice.

    Well... Um... Does Pokémon have humans turning into Pokémons yet? The Mysteru Dungeon games? They don't count since it's not canon. Digimon 1; Pokémon 0.

    Data Demyx effing sucks. So little room for error. I've beaten Re:CoM several times, but I've yet to beat CoM. The last time I played it though was I think in 6th grade, so maybe I didn't get the rules then. If I can get a new GBA that doesn't have a broken battery, I'll try to give it another shot. I'm pretty sure I'm worse at games now than before. I don't think I can even 100% Donkey Kong Country nowadays like I used to. Chiaki can be back for the DR3 anime, and I'd be happy with that.

    Or like Daru said, "3D WAIFU with a 2D soul". I love Heaven but I can't stand Vocaloids, but if you like both, hey go ahead and buy it. Adachi's is awful though, I don't recommend it. I want P3DAN. P3's Paulonia Mall is the Megidolaon!
    Haha no worries! This is a late reply too. Happy New Year!

    Holy sheit! That boss battle looks amaze balls! You're effing greedy, but damn, you got some great dodges. I forgot how amazing Bloodborne is. I'll buy it when I get paid next week. Looks so good.

    Chicken bacon? Ohh my arteries! $5 foot long was always a bunch of BS. It was always like 10-11 inches and $6 because of tax. Not double pay, "half" they said, whatever that means. I really should find another job. My parents and sister works on Christmas Day, only I was off, and the same again tomorrow, on New Years. Black Friday turns shoppers into savages, has done so for a decade now. What I don't get is why these people don't just shop online. Most of the things people buy is for Christmas presents anyway, so they can just get the free shipping and still have it delivered a week or two before Christmas.

    I'm... I'm... I... Am... WEAK. I payed $3.99 for the One-Use 800 Picrite and $0.99 One Use 200 Picrite. I've played several F2P games, and this is the first time I've ever used Microtransactions. I'm now on Stage 20, but stuck again with no Picrites left. I feel disgusting. If this corrupts my soul and sends me to hell, then I shall accept my punishment. Like I said on PSN, I wish teleporters were real. I buy so much Blu-Ray/DVD double packs, but I never even play the DVDs. I want to give them away. Yo-Kai is why! I'm fine with the butt monster. Even the name is amusing.

    The Hyatt? Nope, it's worldwide. Playboy sweatshirt? Lol doesn't even look like a bunny hoodie. It's this shirt. Color looks ugly here, but it looks much better in person. I should buy a sweatshirt. It's hot for most of the year here, but better safe than sorry.
    And heck yeah! DR3! It seems DR1 and 2's plot will be resolved in an anime, and DR3 will have a completely different story. I like the big boobed green girl already. And RoboNaegi (not really Makoto, just what people are calling him) is the protagonist for this game.
    My mom doesn't drive, and my dad "never has time" to teach me. Gotta find someone else to teach me. There are lots of beautiful places here in Hawaii. But just like anyone, you eventually get sick of something, then you start looking at other things and find them much better. We all want something new, don't we? I have 2 Vitas and 2 PS4s, but that pales in comparison to 3 DSs (phat, lite, DSi) and 4 PSPs (1000, 2000, 3000, Go).

    Have you had BS insta-deaths yet? What scares me from doing SMT/Persona games on the harder difficult is that I always hear about BS insta-deaths.

    You don't sleep on the back of the truck. That's crazy... And uncomfortable (I tried it once, horrible).

    First time working in a hotel, and first year ever working, so I'm still learning about these things. Nope, never told me about that. Tell me the deets, brah. I also almost walked away at KFC (before I actually did walk away by not going to work altogether) but more than once. One time, I was scheduled for 8-4. Of course 4 comes, and I'm forced to stay back until 6. I ripped my apron, and walked to the front door... But my boss catches me.

    What weapon do you use? Ludwig like everyone? I beat Obrietas on my first try, but that was because I did the item glitch, and sold lots of items to get millions of Blood and spend them on level ups. The last few Chalice Dungeon rooms leading up to Yharnam is painful (I think they lowered your health to 1/4?), but Yharnam herself is easy. She's just a human sized enemy, who stands around just waving spells, and you can attack her in a repeat pattern. Think the three witches, but even a bit easier. I thought my new PS4 would have like a 14-day PS+ trial, but nope. It did have a one purchase 20% off code though. It sucks that there weren't any great PS+ sales this BF. The cheapest was like $40.
    The pink haired girl was the worst. Her parents sold her for child prostitution, just sickening. Kinda got angry reading it actually. Is there any way to make that whole section go by faster? It was great, but I felt it went on for way too long. Izumo Hajime was only shown for like under 5 scenes, so it's fine to not remember him. Especially since like I said before, he was back to his normal look at the end of D2, even though he entered Jabberwock Island with his RoD look.

    F4 is fun, but f*ck the weight system. It's basically the only thing making me not want to play it right now. Is there a trophy for each group? If so, you'll need 3 characters anyway since you'll be forced to stick with one group near the end.

    Oh yes, Fairy. Those damn Fairy types. Next will be warp-digi... I mean warp-evolutions. Go from Charmander to Mega Charizard immediately.

    Now that I think about it, Demyx would have been perfect for Atlantica! Instead he dies an uneventful death. Chiaki is an AI, right? Well Junko and that cross-dressing dude both had AIs based on their real selves! So Chiaki could have one too!

    How can babies be otakus if they weren't born in the first place because otakus don't like to have real loving? Check and mate! Maybe if Margaret was available for more than one song, I would have stuck around and also practiced All Night.

    You said Creepers Jeepers. There's a movie with the same name. Scarecrow turned killer monster. It's not like the TV was broken. Just that those dead pixels were annoying, even if they weren't that bothersome. Gotta future proof myself... Unless 8K becomes affordable by the time the PS5 comes, in which case, oh well.
    What sandwich do you recommend? I haven't been to a Subway for years, and I crave it now, so recommend me a good one. Are $5 footlongs still a thing? Of course they aren't really $5 though, still gotta include taxes. Black Friday was busy for you guys? One would think people would have lots of turkey still leftover. I worked during Thanksgiving, and it was awesome since it was very slow, and double pay. I told you about BF on PSN. Just stayed home and shopped on Amazon. Nothing eventful, although I did watch that YouTube video where the woman attacked a little kid during BF. Ahh someday, I would like to go out during BF, not to shop, but just watch people hurt each other over materialistic things.

    If I had 10Mbps, maybe I could actually use Shareplay on PS4 then. I downloaded Pokémon Picross, and dang, I'm stuck already. I think I'm just on 3-2 or something. I saw a Yokai Watch commercial when I went to watch the new Peanuts movie (which I highly recommend btw). "Yokai is why" is such a great catchphrase. Too bad the demo soured me. And yeah, it's just the first game localized. Nothing yet if 2 or the bajillion sequels will also be localized.

    Tobias has Arceus. Boom.

    I don't think I told you before. The Hyatt is where I work. Do people comment on it when you wear it outside? My MGS Foxhound shirt has an awesome design, but no one comments on it :( But Grisaia has erotic girls. You wear eroge shirts?
    Don't you mainland people also love to sit on the back of trucks? Its fun, especially at night. The wind in your face, the quiet of the night, the moon shining bright down on you, just perfect.

    For some reason, I can't keep getting consistent work. I might have to find a third job in less than a year since the hotels are so slow this time of year, and I only work a few days/w.

    You effing beat Cthulu on your 3rd try? Why you!!!!! She's one of the hardest bosses in the game, and you beat her easily? Gherman Christ... If you tell me you beat the Chalice Dungeons easily (the Chalice boss is Yharnam the Pthumerian Queen, the woman in the wedding dress just before Mergo's Wet Nurse), then I'm going to rage and send you a strongly worded hate message on PSN.
    I watched Jeepers Creepers when I was about 9. I was scared sh!tless. Maybe I can now watch the movie fine, but back then it was the scariest movie for me. Maybe I should send you a pic of my old HDTV. A small part at the bottom of the screen was a line of dead pixels going across. I don't want to get a 1080p HDTV again, so why not future proof myself with a 4K? Plus it was the cheapest option anyway. Why buy a 55" 1080HDTV for $700 when I can get a 50" 4KUHDTV for $580?

    I need to find a friend who can teach me how to drive. I feel awful not knowing how to drive at my age (which was a month or two older than you, right?) Even if cars could fly or drive in water, you wouldn't want to visit Hawaii anyway. Maybe it's because I've lived here for over a decade and became a jaded old man, but there's nothing to do here. I never did try Black Friday before since I can't drive and my parents always had to go work and I had no job, so I couldn't go anywhere and no money. I'll just do my Black Friday shopping online. A few days after the Vita got to me, a silver Dragon Quest themed Vita was announced for Japan. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu

    If I didn't have so many new games to play, I'd play P4G again. Just hearing you (well reading) you talk about it makes me want to play so much.
    Yup, finished UDG. The letters that drop when the robots move hurt. Those are some awful parents. The confrontation with Monaca was insane. I wanted to broke the remote a few times, but I was so confused and just kept saying no. The Shirokuma's twist was funny. I seriously thought he was a good guy, so when his head dropped after beating Big Bang Monokuma, I just said "oh lol of course he was bad guy all along". Was great to hear big boobed Junko again, and was nice to see Hajime in his Ult Despair look.

    Some trophies are insane, but of course they vary from game to game. Childrens games and movie tie in games are almost always easy. If you want another easy Platinum, Fallout 4 doesn't seem bad.

    Does the Pokémon TCG add a new mechanic for every new Pokémon gen like YGO does for every new YGO season?

    You want Sora to sing to defeat his enemies? That sounds great actually. Haley Joel Osment better learn to reach a high key, or else Xehanort will finally win. Hajime's a good guy now though, and he was the highest ranked of the rest of the RoDs. Chiaki was never real to begin with though, was she? IIRC she and Monomi were just computer programs.

    Otakus actually contribute a decent amount to the Japanese economy, so I can see that. Creepy otakus FTW. Is your cousin a robot? I too tried All Night difficulty, and lost within seconds. It seems my hands are just mortal hands, and not crafted by the gods.
    Lol I should be the one saying that. Over two weeks to respond :( was National Sandwich Day a worldwide thing, or Subway only? At least you don't work in retail. Black Friday is coming next week, and that's always hell for employees.

    There was actually one month last year (August IIRC) where my internet was 10Mbps. Since then pfft down down down. Pokémon Z day one for me. I actually was hoping for Yokai Watch to be just as successful here in the US to have competition for Pokémon, but I played the demo on the eShop and it sucked. There's going to be a Danganronpa event in a few months I think. Can't wait for more DR3 news!

    I just finished Chapter, and I haven't seen a single dong yet, but women parts are aplenty. Tobias is an OP hack, but that made the Sinnoh League entertaining.

    Yes, they all have hulk like stats. If Yoshi can get his own game, then Birdo should too. #suctionbird

    No, very small house. I work at a hotel, and you know, sometimes couples love to do the dirty there. It would be cheaper to do it at a motel, but the rooms aren't as clean or fancy. So do you wear it a lot? I have a Killzone and MGS Foxhound shirt, and I like wearing them. A mom and pop store actually got in trouble two years ago because they sold Pokémon XY early, and a dude leaked some stuff on his Instagram.
    Man, you're hardcore. I would never dare to try Persona games on the hardest difficulty. These games have BS OHKO moves, and I don't want to manifest a masochist within me. If you do manage to beat it, well I'll be rightly flabbergasted.

    Yes, the inertia and the velocity! For every action comes a reaction! Eureka we've got it! Haha jk yeah, still confuses me how it got in that position. Literally the next day after, my dad bought a truck. Just gotta be careful. Here in Hawaii, lots of teenagers love to sit in truck trunks. It's illegal because those people will get flung out if the truck crashes, but people still do it anyway.

    Btw, sorry for LOOONG delay. Got my first 5 day straight work week in about 2 months, so I've been too tired to respond (except on PSN) haha off tomorrow, then work the day after again, then off again three days after that
    If you said 4K movies, then you'd be correct. The biggest game in my HDD is The Last of Us Remastered at nearly 50GB (47GB I think), 1/36 of the space allotted (only had 1.76TB because the rest were taken by the OS). 2TB is not gonna be enough for the entire generation, but it's enough for me. Speaking of 4K, I just bought a 4KUHDTV. It was cheapest I saw, but it looks great. No complaints on my end, but it is useless for now since the PS4 isn't 4K compatible, I don't have a 4K Bluray player, and I don't have a 4K capable PC.

    No need to do the multiple choice test anymore right since you're over 18? Just take the driving test immediately? Congrats on getting your brand new PS4! You could have waited just a bit longer until Black Friday where you could have gotten one for the same price but with more games bundled in, but hey, that PS Quatro got bling! The new movie is getting me so hyped, and what could be better to embrace the hype than a Darth Vader themed PS4 and controller? Anyway, I cancelled that for now so I can buy the Glacier White Vita 2000. I'll order it again on my paycheck next week though.

    What torture? I only left it out in the hot sun for a whole day causing it to have battery issues, and dropped in on concrete a few times at a 5ft drop which caused a few chipping and also made a small crack on the top right of the screen. Other than that, it's been taken cared of just fine.
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