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  • The Pokémon TCG smells like old fart to me. Yu-Gi-Oh! 24/7 alldayerryday beetches!

    I admit it, I want KHIII Arandelle to be a music world. No fighting, just rhythm gameplay. I don't want to fight stupid Hans and Marshmallow, but I do want to fight them with the power of interpretive dance and singing!

    Hajime did become the most perfect human ever, and basically became Junko's second in command. So many mysteries, not enough patience for more info on DR3. Maybe he'll join Future Foundation? Also, I want Chiaki to be real rather than a computer AI (although she literally is one, what with being a videogame character in a videogame of a videogame).

    Niche devs can stay 2D. I want the ones with actual budget to go 3D.

    I will have to use my Google-Fu to see those scenes later. For research >.> That's how it really is in Japan. Porn law dictates male and female genitalia must be censored (pixelated), but everything is A-ok! Even in hentai they gotta follow the rules, although some artists just put a thin rectangle black bar or a circle black bar covering those parts instead of pixelating.

    Yeah, I used the invisible notes, the Tatsuhime Charm, and everything not a note speed change, went to an All-Night dif song, and just mashed buttons until it was over (my fingers hurt obviously). I can't finish All-Night songs legitly because they're too hard.
    Lol good for them? Just a bunch of teenagers wasting time doing something non-beneficial and stupid. Pleasuring oneself does reduce the risk of prostate cancer, so really, not only would he have made himself felt good, he would have also reduced his chances of getting an infection. And learning is half the battle! Anyway, I think I may have interrupted a couple in the middle of doing it yesterday. I knocked three times, and yelled three times, and no answer. I open the door, and out comes a man surprised, telling me he's butt naked (there was a cabinet between him and I, so no eye burning for me). I wait outside for a few seconds, and he's now clothed, and I hear a lady gagging in the bathroom. If my disturbance stopped the birth of the man who would someday save the world, I am sorry for causing a time paradox. Why isn't the backpack pictured? Are you telling me it's a separate purchase? That cosplay is sounding more and more like a horrible deal to me. Some mom and pop stores sell games a week early, while places like the Middle East break street dates weeks before. Gamestop is now just doing what digital stores do, release games early. I think I told you before that I was allowed to download Pokémon X at like 7PM the day before it officially released at retail.

    I'm still on Ch4 of UDG... Don't spoil anything for me! I'm just at the part where the giant Monokuma is helping us. Yeah, Monaca is great. I wouldn't mind her being DR3's main Despair instead of Junko again (even though she basically is Junko 2.0). Anyway, congrats on your plat, and I definitely want to get it too sooner than later. They are awesome to get, huh? Soon you'll be addicted too to trophy hunting... Kanami says a short line in English, so I really thought there would be an Eng version too. And thinking about it, I would have liked Junes in Eng. The people you hear near the end of the song are the P4 cast's JP voices. It's a bit disappointing, but oh well, the JP vocals are still great.
    We just got a new router, and it's still stupidly slow. Effing Hawaii Internet! I was listening to the radio sometime last week, and there was an Internet provider ad that said 7Mbs was lightning fast! WTF is that BS?!

    Can't wait for Pokémon Z. And can't wait for the shiny Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde shiny events to be distributed outside Japan. I got stumped several times in both games, but DR2's count was definitely higher. I think it's because the victims and argument solutions were more complex and sometimes confusing too. Did the elevator spiral down? If that's the case, I think I finally understand the building's layout.

    South Park parodied GoT two years ago, and in one of the episodes, they meet with the book's creator, and all he talked about was floppy dongs. I've never watched GoT before watching this episode. I'm now 4 seasons into GoT, and not once have I seen a floppy dong hanging around. Lots of bare boobies and buttocks and coochies, no dongs. And yes, love making. There's no penetration, but they show enough. Yeah, the newer OP games only have JP voices, no dubs. Tobias needs to show up again. That dude captured freaking Darkrai and Latios. And that's only the two that were shown of the six he had before decimating Ash completely. The guy was hax, but he was the true Pokémon Master.

    Would you fight 100 ant sized Hulks, or 1 Hulk sized ant? Birdo is a disgusting effer. It and Yoshi belong together, those egg throwing freaks.
    So after work yesterday, something was off. Me and my mom were the only ones from our hotel waiting for the bus, when there were usually ~20. Then the bus came way way earlier than usual. We get in the bus, and it's an older model, and was creaking. Also, no one from our hotel was inside (there would always be some who try to go a little further into another parking spot to try and secure a closer seat in front of the bus). Fortunately nothing bad happened to us the whole ride home. THEN as soon as we get off the bus, bam! People were instantly screaming and running closer to the road, where a freaking truck (not a storage truck, just ones that construction workers and off-roaders prefer) just flipped upside down! Holy sheet! Thankfully the driver was okay (saw him crawling out of the driver's seat, and there was no one else inside). Apparently, it hit a blue van, but I don't get how that would have caused the truck to flip when both vehicles were adjacent to each other facing the same direction.
    T | T
    Blue van in the parking lot, | is the thing separatin the parking lot from the road, and truck in the road. Could you explain how the truck flipped that way?

    Here's a pic
    I took this pic 4-5m after the accident, when the police and ambulance and fire truck already came. You can slightly see the blue van to the left.
    You bought a new car? Nice. Hope you get your license soon! I really should get around to studying the driver's manual and also finally take the test too. So you're telling me you're over 18, and you're gonna do things without your mother's consent and knowledge? Damn it man, calm the eff down! Such a rebel like yourself deserves to live with the hardcore of the most hardcore lol jk I'm constantly hovering over the Star Wars PS4 bundle on Amazon. Should I do it, or should I not do it? I am getting Star Wars Battlefront, but if I get the bundle, that means I'm getting the game for $10 less. I'll try to wait until the first week of November before deciding.

    It overheated because I left it in the car under the hot weather for like 2-3 days. Now it has battery shortage problems. Yeah, black and blue. Japan is getting 2 more other colors though, and it's lame we only get one.

    After playing P4DAN, I also wanted to play P4G. But there's so many games right now, I'll hold off until later.
    I played a few minutes of the demo on PS4, that's it. I'm tempted to pick it up though since it looks like even my baby sister got afflicted with the Minecraft mania.

    Nope, 7h30m on both jobs.

    Yes it would. In fact, now I want someone to create a dating sim in a 3D environment set in a linked tropical islands setting like Jabberwock. I'm hoping Summer Lessons will be the start of something like this. It's time to move from 2D Visual Novels to 3D Visual Experience!

    Does the game have nudity? From what I've seen on Google, it's just very suggestive pics, but no nude. I might have to get it then. I want to play more VNs after loving DR1/2.

    The only part of P4DAN's story I liked was the special chapter when the cast were getting interviewed. Other than Yukiko getting shafted (seriously, she got like 2 spoken lines in her own interview then the rest was Yosuke and Teddie arguing), the banter between them all was the reason I enjoyed P4 so much. I like that P5 is going to be a globe-trotting game. The newest trailer had them running down the pyramids. I'd be happy if they have to go to Inaba or Tatsumi Port Island to steal something. If the game takes place not long after P4DAN, maybe we could even go to an idol concert and see Rise or something, since it seems the game is going to be using names of real places again since P2. I abused the song settings to clear songs on King Crazy and obtain money fast :p

    New P4DAN DLCs today! Adachi today, Miku next week :D I bought a 2TB HDD for my PS4, and it's coming today. I think I'll try to finally get accustomed to a digital library. I'll still get physical copies of course, but only for games I know for sure will be niche or not a big AAA game.
    I personally wish it had more characters to interact and create a bond with, but the dialogue between Komaru and Toko is so good that it's all I need from the game. And dang, Monaca is insane. Get ready for little children kissing yuck! This game is twisted. Congrats! Everyday is Junes indeed! Today's Tuesday, and Adachi will finally be playable! Oh and new DLC to take all my money again. I just wish Calystegia also had an English version (maybe Kanami's ENG VA couldn't sing, or ATLUS didn't pay her enough to sing), and that the story was a bit longer since I'm gonna miss the P4 cast so much.

    She was on Episode 1, so of course everyone knows here. Also, who can forget such a unique character?

    Current YGO competitive scene is hard to follow for us old folks screaming "Back in my day!" The sad truth is that there's really no way Yugi or Jaden would even stand a chance against Yusei, Yuma, or Yuya. Yeah, Ra by itself sucks, but it did get a support card a few years ago that now makes it the best God Card.

    I still can't believe I managed to beat the Data XIII. I did it on Beginner, but it was still hard dammit. But if you let your anger at me for making fun of Xion consume consume you, the Darkness will make it easier for old fart Xehanort to manipulate you. Do you want to smell like old man Xehanort?

    Let It Go is the most popular and known song from an animated movie ever, and a general cultural phenomenon. There's no way they won't find a way to shove the song down your throat. The movie just looks gorgeous from the pictures I've seen. I want Ni No Kuni 2 to look like that.

    All 15 Remnants of Despair weren't thinking straight. I'd like to see them revived from their Comatose status though. I'd like to see what everyone looks like after becoming RoD. Hajime is a problem though, because he is supposed to have long hair, but the epilogue scene shows him with his pre-RoD hair.
    Fruit By The Looms, ehh? Sweet brand bro. Well, what the hell was the reason for even writing that letter then? You're out of HS, so they can't make fun of you at school for it. If for personal laughter, then that's dumb. They spent several minutes of their life just for them to have something to laugh at for a minute then forget for the rest of their life? Nuh-uh, they be playing with you, brah. If watching anime has taught me something, it's that they are grade A *looks around then whispers* the tsunderes. Ganbare Xionea! Ahh I see. At least they were making sweet sweet love, which is the ritual that lovers use to bring forth a child down from the heavens. Just be happy that he wasn't a chronic masturbater.

    DS games look like shet on the 3DS though. You could buy the hoodie separately? Nah, it's just that midnight openings aren't really that successful here because we're not a city that doesn't sleep like say New York, so I guess now they're just gonna release big games earlier than do midnight launches. Besides, they're dumb anyways because like I said, digital preorders and pre-loading are a thing now. Charizard was the only amiibo I overpaid for, and a few weeks later, he became common, and now you can find him on Amazon for $12.99. Just keep waiting and your patience will be rewarded.

    So if I were to go to Subway and ask for very precise requests on how they handle my sandwich, would I be an arsehole, or do they have to do it and I can complain to the manage if they don't, in which case I'll still be an arsehole either way? Teacher Junko is best Junko. Shame Mukuro got killed so quickly, but damn it was a great twist. I mean, I knew it wasn't the real Junko that died because i think at the end of that chapter or the next they show her silhouette standing next to Monokuma, but the way Chapter 5 and 6 were executed was just brilliant.
    Losing the Internet would be bad though, considering it's used by billions of people everyday.

    Modding like how? I've only seen people cheating online. Modding on 3DS isn't widespread. I personally found some of the trials hard. Danganronpa 2 was harder since it gave you more Truth Bullets at the start even on the easiest difficulty. DR2's Ch1 Trial was way harder than DR1's, and I didn't know the victim, unlike 11037, although it was nice to see it again used as the password for the Future Foundation building. Yeah, the Ch4 building was confusing. I was confused the whole time they were explaining the layout lol the most confusing to me was how the rectangle rooms could fit in the hexagonal room or something like that.

    I actually just got the GoT Season 3 and 4 Bluray last week. It's a horrible porno. The lore and plot and characters and setting are excellent, and the production budget is huge, but gotdamn the boning scenes are just way too short. Better to skip several arcs to catch up now than be way behind and irrelevant again. It's a shame the newer games only have JP voices, no dubs. The dude in the Mega Evolution episodes is way worse. I would have tried to capture the Mega Rayquaza. Heck, he's going to meet Zygarde soon, and I bet he won't try to capture it.

    I have the Hulk fake fist. It doesn't fit on me because it's for childrens' hands, but still. You know what, I change. It's Birdo now. Birdo is the hottest female (male?) Nintendo character of all time.
    Aaarrrrgh! My Vita's battery problem is showing up again! Once the battery gets down to ~85%, I get a "The battery power is low" notification after a few minutes of playing a game (PS1 classics seem to be fine, doesn't cause battery problems). Gotta buy a Vita 2000 someday, maybe when the new color comes out in Nov or Dec.

    Also, started playing UDG again. I Youtube'd the Monokuman rooms I got stuck on, and I feel dumb haha
    And oh yeah, the PS4 finally got a price cut in the US. Starting tomorrow, the PS4 will go from $400 to $350. It's only $50, but at least it's something.
    I just google'd that (I'm sorry, I mean I ABC'd that), and it doesn't look that bad. Looks like your typical erotic fanservice VN. And now you don't have to. There's a Vita version so you can play it in private! It's only in Japanese, but the Windows version is fully translated, so I guess you can just look for the script, and read it from there.

    The story mode for P4DAN just drags on and on. I think the 1st chapter was like an hour of talking before you ever got to dance, and then another hour of talking lol I was sad when it ended though. Sure, P4 was milked, but the characters were great, and I'll miss the Investigation Team. I do hope some get a cameo in P5 though. The P5 crew are thieves, so wouldn't it make sense for Naoto to show up and try to stop them? Anyway, I suck at Hard Mode. I've only beaten 3 songs legit on Hard so far. And I've only gotten 1 King Crazy rank so far. Sometimes the notes come out of nowhere and I get screwed. Junes (Vocals) is soooo good! It's my favorite song in the whole game. I was playing Free Mode wondering "Where's Junes? Where's Junes??!!", then when it unlocked, I was so overwhelmed with joy.

    You bought all DLC? I lied when I said I bought them all. Well, not really, I did buy all so far except for the Lawson and special stage outfits. I think all the DLCs so far amount up to ~$20? And there's still more to come, with more paid DLC and $5 Adachi next week, and even more paid DLC and another $5 Miku the week after! PSN has a promotion right now from Oct 6th - Nov 3rd where if you spend $100, you'll get $15 (they'll mail you the $15 PSN code like a week or two after the promotion ends). I spent $10 on P4DAN's DLCs last week, so that sucks for me.
    I never learned any patterns with the Absent Silhouettes. Beating them on Critical was just a fluke, and never beat their Datas because the last room in the Cavern of Remembrance was too hard. On Beginner, I just spammed Reflect. Let it go! Let it go! Her death never bothered me anyway. Stupid sea salt ice cream licking Sora clone.

    Frozen can become a normal world instead of a musical world. There's the giant snowman that Elsa creates to defend her castle, and Hans can summon a Heartless/DreamEater/whatever KHIII will have like the guy in Tarzan or Hunchback of Notre Dame did. The ones I named were officially revealed, just IX-XII are still unknown. There's a collected works of Miyazaki containing all Studio Ghibli movies, but it's over $200, and I can't justify that cost. Princess Mononoke was the one SG movie I really wanted to get, but Target ran out of copies left, so I just grabbed Totoro.

    I just wiki'd it, and I remembered wrong, only a few did (or at least the few that are told in the game). I think they're the Remnants of Despair (the 15 in the game) because the rest of the Ultimate Despairs committed suicide. One committed necrophilia in hopes of impregnating her and bearing her children (lol what an insane idea, she's dead so she can't reproduce), Nagito clearly took her left arm, and I'm guessing Fuyuhiko replaced his right eye with hers.

    It is. Minecraft with a DQ skin. Definitely excited for it, as I've never played Minecraft before (except for the demo), but having it DQ themed appeals to me.

    Yeah, no pay for those 30m. Sometimes I don't eat because of that, but sometimes I just think "they're only cutting my pay for that hour in half, no big deal", so I go and eat.

    The PlaystationVR demo of DR was unique. I'd love a 3D DR. I would definitely want to fully explore Jabberwock Island instead of having to divide it into sections.
    The 3DS can also play JP DS games, so no need to buy the old 3DS models. I checked, there's only a few good ones. Like Toko said, Junko has really huge boobs. Even if it was a unisex costume, Chiaki is a female, so you'd think it would also come with. 6PM here in Hawaii is 12AM in New York, so it's like a midnight launch, just in another state. Speaking of Amiibos, I have so many now. Neve expected to have this many, and Mewtwo is coming out soon.

    That's some picky customer. If one guy were to tell you to do a ridiculous thing like cut shapes in the ham, would you be obligated to do it? It's not like our hands were dirty. We still had to follow sanitation rules, and wash our hands after doing anything. Dang, this made me hungry for some KFC for some reason. Haven't had gravy since quitting. So you're telling me you could have them cosplay as Junko and Mukuro. If only I knew twins...

    I didn't find UDG repetitive. I quite liked it, but I just got stuck on those two puzzles, and haven't touched it since. Maybe I will soon now that I've got P4DAN's Platinum Trophy (really easy plat actually).

    Queen's Blade is basically In Your Face Ecchi The Anime #80085, so it's fine if none of the characters are memorable.

    Tuners and XYZs can really wreck you if you're not ready for those. They've got so many insane effects that Yugi and Kaiba and Jaden and such would always lose if they keep their decks the same. Pendulum is also broken, in that they allow you to summon as many monsters as your field allows. Haha yeah, Marik would have lost if it weren't for that monster. It was still a great duel though. Yugi vs Marik was just Marik taking advantage of anime exclusive effects because in real life, Ra is the weakest God Card, and doesn't have the effects the anime has.
    I think WWIII would happen if the Internet were to be down around the world for even just a second.

    The 3DS uses SD cards, but there's no modding yet. I've failed several trials in both games. Some of them are just too hard, and I even had to resort to guides several times.

    IIRC I think it was just sometime around the beginning of the century that US censoring of cartoons stopped being lenient and got more strict with what could and couldn't be shown. Just lots and lots of pIssy parents complaining. None of the Strawhats got name changes right, just Ace? The OP OP was just awesome and upbeat. Really sets the mood for the show, telling you that it's gonna be a grand adventure. Too bad OP never caught on in the US though, like Naruto and DBZ did. Even worse, he had a Goomy, and in just a few episodes, evolved and then again evolved into Goodra, AND it left his team. Like dude, WTF, keep that Pseudo Legendary if you ever ever want to win the Pokémon League even once, you dunce.

    Samus > Female Robin, I'll fight you bruh.

    That just brings more suspicion that you are a gorilla in a thong. Which underwear brand are you being sponsored with, huh? Hot blazing love and desire for you? ~Upupupupupu How did you confirm it was them? Did you climb the tree outside their window? Are you a paranoid freak who has cameras installed all over your bike, then saw the footage? Oh your former female roommate brought her lovers home all the time? Did they at least give you earmuffs to block out their sounds of lovemaking?
    5 minute launch breaks? What??? We get 30 minutes, sometimes even longer when it's slow. Jeez that sucks.

    If the PS4 version is going to still be using the cardboard cutouts, then yeah, really no big improvement. I wish the Vita version is cardboard, and PS4 version is 3D though. Fat Byakuya is where it's at!

    Mmmm oh yeah HD Aqua. All that goodness!

    Were the headphones fully plugged in though? And your mom still could have seen the screen. If she didn't mind, then you've got an awesome mom.

    Is it the Disco Fever Edition, or normal? The box is so big and shiny! The Junes theme with vocals is now one of my favorite P4 tracks ever! The Miku DLC is $5.99, but I'll also get it. In fact, I've bought all DLC so far. Such a lust for Persona DLC. Whoooooooooo?!
    I've also got "Congratulations" on all the Monokuman missions so far, but there's 2 in Ch4 that I just don't get. MGSV and P4DAN are keeping me busy for now, so I don't know when I'll get back to the game. The beginning of Ch4 is a big escort mission. It's horrible.

    He just doesn't have the same charisma nor talent as his father. Will Smith gets to star as the lead in Suicide Squad next year, while Jaden is probably never going to be in Hollywood again, and instead dress up as White Batman at prom. Queen's Blade also had a snake lady that wears snakes as panties, so there's that going for you if you stick further to the anime.

    The XYZ cards that Kaiba and Chazz have are just monsters with XYZ names. The XYZ Type monsters are monsters with the same star levels that you overlay together to summon an XYZ monster with the same amount of stars. I haven't read the manga, so I don't know what's canon or not. The Dragon arc had no relation to Egypt though, so I'm guessing it was not canon.

    Just reflect all day erryday. Larxene's not so hard, well her Absent Silhouette at least. If you can beat Marluxia, you can beat her. The sooner you accept Xion is dead, the better you'll feel.

    Goofy and Donald will die. Sven and Olaf will be your party members from now on. I'd like to know all Org XIII's real name. I think the only ones confirmed so far are Ansem, Braig, Dilan, Aeleus, Even, Ionze, Isa, Lea, and Sora. Just Demyx, Luxord, Larxene, and Marluxia left. Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Kaguya are ones I want to watch next.

    Yeah, I think it was after it was revealed they were all Ultimate Despairs, it was mentioned they all did things to Junko's corpse. Nagito cut off his own left arm and replaced it with Junko's, so he couldn't have been the necrophiliac. It caught me off guard, but it was a neat thing.

    Jan-March 2016 are already so packed for me. Can't wait to import Dragon Quest Builders in January.
    Are you trying to tell me you're actually a gorilla in a thong? If so, your secret's safe with me! Just note that NSA is reading this right now, so your secret actually ISN'T safe. Go to Japan, or any country where the Age of Consent is under 14. Alternatively, wait until they're both 18, when you'll have the time of your life with two girls, you lucky gorilla you. And speaking of happy endings, I heard my very moan loud fornicating on Wednesday. The woman was just right across the hotel room I was about to enter, and she was moaning "Ahh ahh ahh" so loud. I think there were synthesizers involved, how else were people gonna leave with their ears intact? Also, Hatsune Miku and friends. Her friends were also hologram'd.

    There's a YouTube video of his marriage. Nothing fancy, but plenty of news reporters. No no, your DSi will also play all regions, except for the very few games that used the DSi camera. Are you sure you weren't looking at hentai? They are both still images, so maybe you got confused. Did Chiaki's skirt come with, or is it a separate purchase? Nagito's is awesome, way more than Makoto's. Hey, don't count me out yet! I just haven't experienced such act before, so I don't get what the buzz is about for now. Digital Download pretty much made midnight launch obsolete. Heck, even GameStop themselves are done with midnight launches. I've gotten big game releases like Bloodborne, MGSVTPP, Battlefield Hardlines, and FFT-0HD on 6pm Mondays instead of the normal Tuesday.

    Would you get yelled at if you accidentally switched lettuce and tomatoes' order? Would the customer even notice such a minuscule change? We deep fry the chicken, so it's not like wearing gloves will do anything since the heat will kill off the germs. Still like they say, wrap it before you tap it! Well in any case, Subway's tag line does make perfect sense. Jared sure does love to "Eat Fresh" hardiharhar! (I stole this joke on the internetz) Identical twins, now you're just bragging.
    Nah it's okay. Better for now because now my internet freezes and has to refresh randomly because my internet has been really effing shetty for two effing weeks straight.

    A leaked Vita prototype actually allowed you to use SD cards. Shame that wasn't for the retail release. Nintendo may be a decade behind on everything, but at least they don't ship broken games, so that balances things. Collect all Hope Fragments for all the girls, then get their School Life endings. You propose to Mikan, Miharu is your girlfriend, etc etc. Unless you want the trophy for not taking damage, it's not really necessary. The game allows you to restart right where you failed at, not all the way at the beginning.

    It is called "localization", which is to localize a foreign thing, so 4Kids does have some defense on that case. BUT WTF is there a clear image of an onigiri rolling down the hill, only to have it be called a donut? At least go through the effort of editing it, rather than dumbing down your audience and not having them learn cultural differences in other countries. Localizing names is also something I don't like. Trace/Ace is dumb, there's no need to change it since Ace isn't a bad word at all, nor is it affiliated with gangs and whatnot. One Piece rap is rad, brah! If only Ash brought along Gible and evolved it to Garchomp. Arse Ketchup.

    ZSS's Sm4sh model looks the best out of all Nintendo girls IMO, and her best model yet.
    Btw, P4 Dancing All Night is out next week. You getting it? I finally fully paid off the Disco Fever Edition yesterday when picking up my Retro Amiibo 3-pack (they're so nice!), and I can't wait to play it. This will probably be the last game starring the P4 cast, so hopefully I don't get too teary-eyed when I finish it.
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