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  • Sorry sorry! Shetty Internet (no really, it's been really effing bad. I think it's time to pay the Internet bills again) plus needing to clear some games before next month has lead to really slow response time)

    Playable 3D Aqua and new P5 trailer has great expanded my dong alright. 0.2 seems to be like FFXV Episode Duscae and MGSVGZ, which are basically "we'll let you explore this limited open world area. There'll be some story, but it will also last 2-3 hours at the maximum". I get to play as 3D Aqua, so for me, I don't even care about the length, just want to play as her.

    Did your mom hear Cumaru's moans or those hands touching her naughtily? I was very very fortunate that I had earphones on and was in the back of the bus when I reached that part. I would have been SOOOOOO embarrassed if anyone else saw or heard. "Hey, that's the Ultimate Pervert! Don't sit next to him!"
    All of Asia got an equivalent of $50 price drop. UK (for now, nothing for mainland Europe yet) also got a £50 price drop. I don't think there will be a US price cut in October or November, mostly because the CoD and Star Wars bundles are coming out, and people will buy those no matter how expensive. But December will be the perfect time IMO, announce it during the PlayStation Experience event.

    P5 got delayed to Summer 2016 NOOOOOOOO! But the new trailer is so awesome, and so is the opening theme, which sounds off a first, but the more you listen, the more you'll like it. KHII.8 is a thing containing 3DHD, KH Chi's story told in cutscenes, and a playable version of BbSFM's cancelled Vol2, which will now serve as a prologue to KHIII. KHII.9 is not a thing, just a rumor that is now proven fake.

    The fanservice fight is great. Too bad they can't go all the way thanks to censorship.

    Was it 10 hour shift on both days, or 12 hours on one day, 8 the next? Either way, I FEEL YOU BRO! Standing still all day sucks so bad. My worst experience with it was definitely the first few weeks because my shoes were awful. My soles would hurt so bad that by the time I got home, my feet starting so bad I couldn't walk. I have good work shoes that doesn't hurt my soles that much anymore, but it still sucks standing/walking around all day. I'd love to be a billionaire too, but I'd probably be corrupted with all dat money.

    DR3 was only teased for Vita though. So so happy it's also coming to PS4. I'm definitely gonna get both Vita and PS4 versions when it comes out. All I want if there is a PS4 version of UDG is 60FPS. The game already looks so good. HD Komaru and Toko goodness!

    Nevermind Hina stomping on floating words. You see the way Byakuya 360 jump kick those words? *swoon* No wonder Toko is so in love with him.
    That's why I don't like censorships. In the ENG versions, all you see is a black hole (which isn't all that different really HEY-O!) Oh yeah, did you fight her in II.5 ReMix yet? She's much easier there. I do like Xion, bro! I was like "XIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!" during the final hour of the game, with all the crazy twists surrounding her and obviously her death.

    Nah, I want the BbS trio to have a good ending. BbS' story was so sad, and they all suffered so much. I've played a lot of videogames, but BbS just stabs you right in the feels. Studio Ghibli shut down recently. Shame because their movies are so brilliant. I recently watched My Neighbor Totoro, and wow, it's such a visual treat. Definitely gonna want to own more of their movies.

    Technically, everyone in DR2 was fake, because they're videogame characters of videogame characters. But yeah, that's another huge twist that blew my mind. In fact Ch5 Deadly Life onwards was plot twist after plot twist. It was insane, even more so than DR1's IMO. The one Fragment of Despair who made love to Junko's corpse was disgusting though. Didn't need to know that fact. But now that I know that, I wonder who it was. I'm guessing Teruteru because he's the pervert, and being an Ultimate Despair, he didn't care about necrophilia. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mikan's other side first appeared in Trial 2. It was so weird because she's always been soft sounding before, but in one single line of dialogue, she had like an outburst, but even weirder, her artwork didn't change. I don't know if the JP version had it too, or if it was an error for the ENG localization, or intentional, kinda like a short cameo of what's to come next chapter.
    Nevermind about my complains. I'm playing MGSVTPP, and after 40 hours, I'm still at 23%. Junko died in 1, so I don't think she'll appear in 2 despite being an by then. And yeah Genocide Mode is basically Easy Mode. The escort and protect sections are awful, so I think playing on Easy is a fair trade-off. I've postponed the game for now since I'm stuck on two Monokuman rooms in Ch4. I guess I'll just YouTube the answers so I can finally move on with the story. If it comes out in the US, I guess I'll finally get a Wii U then.

    Speaking of Fresh Prince, Will Smith is making a modern reboot (well, still in very early pre-production). I'll watch it, but I really wish he isn't going to cast his son Jaden. He's an awful actor. Queen's Blade is the only ecchi anime I've watched, and the first episode has a big breasted woman with hands covering her boobs squirting acidic breast milk. Eeyore's an effing downer, hate every scene he's in. Well, Kingdom Hearts makes him a lot more tolerable, but that's all I like about him.

    GX has a bad guy with an Exodia deck late into the show (last season in the US version I think). It was a fun game, but I was still a kid and didn't understand the rules. If I find the game again someday, I'll be sure to try it out and actually learn the game. The YGO! spin-off games are weird, that's all you need to know. Lava Golem, that's the name! I gotta get back and watch the rest of the tournament. Pendulum Cards were introduced in Arc-V, which aired in Japan late last year. The black cards were introduced in Zexal, as XYZ monsters. I don't even remember anything from the Yugi vs Atem duel other than it was awesome. The dozens of episodes between Battle City and last duel is nonsense. Like I said, Yugi wins with 0 LP. Also, something about dragons, and them fusing with Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. They finally became official cards like a few years ago.
    I think you meant Subway > Insomkies. You wrote a contradiction by writing "= better than", so which is it? Heil Grammar! Do you have to memorize the sandwich layout for all sandwiches, or is there a nice printed poster on the wall showing each layout for all? And do you use gloves when making them? At KFC, we didn't wear gloves, and I didn't like that. Your co-workers and boss cool? There's always at least a weird one from my experience. Took down everything Jared related as soon as the news hit he was a pedophile? Publically, he did go to charities and stuff, and seemed nice, but behind all that was a dude paying underaged girls to get freaky with him because he's rich. I don't get how you didn't know about Jared. Dude is (was) the face for Subway for a decade and was all over the news because he lost so much weight eating there all day erryday. Well, at least it still can be "My Co-Worker Can't Possibly Be This Cute!" And her twin sister has your mom and aunt's name? Does she have two names like I do, or you meant twin sisters, in which case a triplet is cool. I've seen twin girls and twin brother and sister before in person, but no triplets yet. Oh, I didn't know that. Water can accidentally go down the wrong pipe? The only kind of death I'll be happy with is death by snu-snu (Futurama reference).
    Next thing you know, that damn dirty gorilla is gonna be underwear modeling for Calvin Klein! Xionea and Subway ordering girl sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G! lol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? I didn't know there were anime concerts in the islands. The HM concert was somewhere in the mainland, was apparently big enough that I think Fox or another big news show covered it. Used the same Tupac hologram technology to bring Miku to life IIRC A live performance of a vocaloid singing without synthesizers is like a horrible singer performing in a big concert without auto-tune and lip-synching. It just won't happen.

    You saw the guy in real life? Dude, lucky. Did he bring his DS, therefore also bringing his WAIFU? I think there was a sequel on the 3DS, but it had all new girls instead. Just import Love+ if you want (not the 3DS games though). All DS games were region-free. The only problem were the very few late gen games like Gen 5 Pokémon, because of the DSi camera functionalities, you couldn't play their JP versions on a non-JP DSi/XL. However, you could play them on non-JP phat DSs and DS Lite though since they don't have the camera. I still can't find the uncensored Mikan images without being bombared by hentai. Can you just link them to me instead? Really tempted to buy the PSP version just to see it. So the Chiaki hoodie still fits you? Does it look great in person? Might buy one someday, but not before Nagito's. It looks so niiiiiiiiice. I feel disgusted when I watch Bear Grylls boil his pee before drinking it, so I guess I'm not part of the Golden Shower fanclub :( You said you went to a GameStop midnight opening before (I think it was for Sm4sh?). Was that the sleepless side of the city, or just everyone going out to play one the most anticipated game of last year?
    Yeah, their censorship and Americanized editing sucked. Yeah, that triangular snack sure is a circular donut! And Arbok doesn't evolve into Seviper. Ace to Trace? Lolwat? There's nothing bad about the name Ace, you buttocks. Me and my cousins loved the OP OP (lol) though. We all sang it everytime it started. You don't like Bobobo? I shall send you a million strongly worded paragraphs detailing how wrong you are in not liking the fist of the nose hair! Shhh Iron Tail and Quick Attack aren't real moves! What idiot allows a move with 75% accuracy and a weak starting move? Arse Ketchup, that's who.

    Sorry for the laaaaaaaate response. Internet here has been acting up (really effing slow, and sometimes working, sometimes not). And I've been trying to play more so that I can actually get around to do this weird thing called "finishing" videogames. Lol finishing games, what a weird concept (halp! I've got such a huge backlog!!)

    Hanafuda cards, cabs, and love hotels are the ones I know of. I don't know if they did something else other than those before going to videogames. Zero Suit Samus for me. Best Nintendo girl of all time. She can own SS Zelda anytime! (SS Zelda was the best looking design of her though.

    Speaking of Death Star, I saw an an item that lets you create a Death Star shaped ice cube (ice sphere?). I should go internet surfing and buy that soon. Deadpool is so cool, he's more popular than the character he was created to parody, and he's always mistaken for Spider-Man. I hope the movie next year is really good.
    I've seen videos where people bubblewrapped themselves and did stupid dangerous things and be unharmed.

    We have different introductions to the series, so I get why you would like the anime adaptation. Space really is a problem nowadays, but more so an even bigger problem for Vita what with such expensive prices for such small GBs. 64GBs go for effing $80 the cheapest. Ehh, other than with Nintendo, breaking/losing your console would just mean you'd need to buy another console. PS, XB, and PC all have great online account management so you can freely have your account on another console instead of it being tied up to only one, and without the need of calling CS. And they also all have Cloud saving, so you can just store your save datas there, and download them to your new console whenever you want. But yeah, having an actual physical copy that you can have forever (as opposed to digital games which you might lose someday when servers go down) and have something cool to look at is also nice. The slowdowns usually messes me up (sometimes I get hit because I lose my bearing or it throws off my aim), which sucks, but at least it's not a hard game, so I don't mind it too much. With how awesome Sakura's and Peko's deaths were, there needs to be another spin-off game with those two, a hack-and-slash game. When Peko died, Mikan became my other waifu. Then she died, and I moved on to Chiaki. Then she died too... That's when I learned Danganronpa is a pretty messed series. Thank goodness Hina and Kyoko survived, or else I would have felt eternal WAIFU Despair. I just listened to Hajime's JP VA, and damn, I agree with what you say. It's another Goku situation, ENG actually sounds like a dude, JP sounds like a screeching sound. When I was going for the perfect trial trophy, I set the difficulty to Gentle. Guess which minigame was the only one to mess me up. Good thing I saved right before it, because if I had to redo the whole trial I'd become The Ultimate Rage-Quitter.
    Work is slow today, so let me just respond bit by bit.

    The whole of Asia is getting an equivalent of $50 price cut. There are two more Playstation dedicated events until the end of the year. EU will probably get their equivalent of $50 price cut during Paris Games Week (late October), and U.S. price drop of $50 during Playstation Experience (mid Dec). U.S. price drop would be smartest in Dec because they've gotten maximum sales potential from Black Friday and insane COD and Star Wars PS4 bundle sales in November, and they can also squeeze out a bit more from customers who have been late to the holiday shopping season.

    Persona's getting its own event on Friday (well, time zones may differ), so the release date could still be announced there. KHII.9 is something else, which may be nothing in the end since II.8 is subtitled "Final Chapter Prologue". The BbS0.2 is something I need now. BbSVol2 was supposed to be a thing but got cancelled, and now it seems to be back as a prologue for KHIII. It's using KHIII's engine, and we get to play more as Aqua and learn more about her time in the darkness, so that easily justifies the $60 for me.

    There's quite a few sections where you're just surrounded by dozens of Monokumas, so I switch to GenoJack to clear it faster or when I run out of Break ammos. If you've played or heard of the Senran Kagura games, it's kinda like that, except you don't go full nude and have your naughty bits censored by a shining beam of white light. The Cumaru part is also tentacle hentai.
    I bet it took you a bajillion hours to type all that response lol curse you, 2K letter limit!

    Gonna respond tomorrow night since I'm off on Fri/Sat and have all the time in ze warudo! In the meantime, let me link you to a VR game I'm sure you'll LOOOOOOOVE. You see that? You get to be a well endowed Japanese high school girl's personal Sensei teaching her English or something. Let me repeat: Well endowed. Japanese High School student. Be her personal Senseiiiiiiiiiiii. This is an effing treasure trove of pure gold. You see the trillions of bikini DLC DoA5 has? Imagine that with this. If you don't want a Japanese girl, there's also a blonde American girl asking you to be her Sensei and teach her Japanese. AND if you don't want both girls, and swing both ways, you can be a dude's sensei. I'm pretty sure I've shown and told you about this PlaystationVR game before, but reinforming you again to persuade you to get a PS4 sooner. Next thing you know, ATLUS announces Persona Social Link VR, and... Nevermind, I hope Sega didn't hear that. I'd probably go bankrupt buying all DLC.
    Yeah, immediately after that is when it all goes raype-y for a bit. I'm playing on Genocide Mode, so for sections where you gotta protect someone, I just switch to GenoJack. Also, probably an hour into Ch4, there's fanservice during a boss fight. I took a loooot of pictures of course.

    9-10 hour workshifts?? I only work 6.5, and I get tired not even 3 hours in. No worries, you just worry about your health and enjoy whatever little free time you have! Sometimes you wish you were a billionaire so you never have to work a single second, but life's not something you can just dilly-dally shilly-shally at. (I'm sorry, that's an awful encouragement. WTF is a shilly-shally?)

    Anyway, to cheer you up, New Danganronpa V3 New Mutual Killing Semester has been announced! It will be for Vita of course... And PS4! I hope D1/2 get remastered for PS4, and I'll buy them on Day 1 to repent for my sins on not buying the Vita versions at launch. Maybe even DRAEUDG too! The game already looks so good on Vita (no jaggies OMG!), so it would look even better on PS4.

    Also, Cyber Danganronpa. It's a remake of DR1's Ch5 trial on the PlaystationVR, with 3D model characters instead of the cardboard look. I hope it becomes a real thing, or else I'll be filled with so much despair...
    Just reached Ultra Despair Girls' Chapter 4, and wow, the last ~20 of Chapter 3 was disturbing. I don't know if you've reached this far yet, but as Toko said, "Cumaru Naegi".
    The final trial was insane. Learning everyone (except Chiaki) is an Ultimate Despair, Chiaki just being a software instead of a real person, everyone inside a VR game, etc etc. Nagito's death was the best. It was so complicated and complex in execution.

    If you complete Peko's Hope Fragments, you get her underwear as a present, and it's a black thong. The description says she uses it in all her kendo matches. Le sigh she died way too early. I guess I know what I'll be watching on YouTube when I have free time! DR2 is relatively new in the U.S. (just came out September of last year), but now you should play it for the official better translation. Mental Mikan is like mental Celeste. Their first outburst were mindblowing and just came out of nowhere haha Mikan was a bit less surprising though, as there was one short dialogue she had in Ch2 where I think her voice or dialogue didn't match her innocent attitude, and I was suspicious of her from then until the reveal.

    Just wait until a retailer messes up, then you can price match to get your cheap PS4. I don't think there will be a price drop this year. They'll just bundle new games and keep the $400 price. I can see one being announced at E3 next year though.

    Anyway, TGS is next week Tuesday, and Playstation's conference will be live streamed on Youtube. P5 release date might finally be announced there. If not, there is a special Persona event a few days later, and that might also show off the release date.
    Terra being killed would be awful. He's been possessed and has his body fused with a stinky old man's body for over a decade, then when he finally returns to his own self, he dies shortly? I guess that would be the most heroic way to die though. Shame Studio Ghibli is done making movies. I would have liked a NnK2 with more realistic visuals found in something like Princess Mononoke.

    I'm pretty sure the very first duel between Yugi and Kaiba was the ONLY time in the anime that Exodia actually worked. Two other guys tried to do it in GX, but also failed. I have the Dungeon Dice game on GBA. It's cool, but I have no idea how the rules work. I wouldn't be surprised if the Deck Masters was a way to see if they should be added in the card game. Having different abilities for all Deck Masters would have been a nightmare though. The PS2 had two spin-off YGO games, and those were Duelist of the Roses and the one about the eggs. I had both of them, but like DDM, I had no idea what to do. The GC game was great and I actually knew the rules. That's probably my favorite GC game. Marik put Joey in a cage held by a lava monster. Jaden also fought a guy claiming to be Yugi, and Kaibaman (which he loses against because Kaiba is fabulous), so you should watch those. Pendulum monsters have been out in English for a few months now too, so the anime should be dubbed by now. No no, after Marik is defeated, go watch the very last duel, Yugi vs Atem. Trust me, that duel is awesome.
    Oh wow, congrats! How's the work environment and co-workers there? Just gotta hope business won't be down for a while now that Jared has admitted to having underage sex with minors. What if she really is your half-sister in disguise? o_O If your coworker is fine with you calling her your little sister, that's awesome. Is she younger than you, or older but your half-sister is younger, so you also call her lil sis? Windpipe? Is that to help with breathing? Choking in your sleep is infinitely worse than sleep paralysis. Dying in your sleep is one of my worse fears. Going to sleep, only to never wake up again is a hard thought to process.

    Don't be upset. The porn industry is just really good at making puns of videogame porn.

    70+ hours long to get 100% in the game, or just normal play? That just seems way too long for a normal play through. I read UDG has 6 chapters like DR1 and 2 did. I'm playing on Genocide Jack mode to get through the game faster. I'm actually thinking about getting Xenoblade X. Has there been a WiiU+XCX bundle announced for the U.S.?

    I was watching shows like Family Guy and South Park when I was still in Elementary School, so that also helped in me not going through a phase where I had to only like mature stuff. I wonder if young me would have liked ecchi and harem anime. Current me does not like them very much. It's Eeyore that I can't stand. He's just so pessimistic and depressed and talks so slow that I can't stand episodes where he even gets at least a few seconds of screen time.

    You can see them in the Eng versions? I thought they would have just censored it into a black abyss (no pun intended). Larxene is the only female OrgXIII member, so I gotta add her in for her awesomeness. Xion is 95% Sora, 5% Kairi, and I ain't about that life, dawg.
    If there's two important things you gotta know about Deadpool, it's that he loves both Chimichangas and Bea Arthur. DP himself is already kind of a zombie, as he has a super advanced form of cancer that deformed his entire skin, only kept alive by his instant regenerative ability.

    You've admitted defeat? That damn dirty ape will start the ape takeover by of the planet, and steal all human females. Translating Japanese to English is fun. Now translating English to Japanese, that's dang horrifying and no bueno. I'd never had teenager pizza delivery boys before, just old men and a woman. There's been a real Hatsune Miku concert before, complete with hologram Miku and friends (exactly like the 2Pac hologram). I want somebody go to any singing competition, and sing Vocaloid music.

    I don't own much VNs. I wish LovePlus made it outside of Japan so we could have also gotten in love with the characters like the guy who married one of them. The first Mikan crotch shot happened while I was playing in the bus. It's a good thing that person next to me was sleeping, or I'd have been registered as an anime pervert. There's a slightly cheaper Chiaki figurine, but it doesn't look as appealing as the more expensive one. Yeah, clothe conversions are weird, and also Chiaki's hoodie is meant for girls with smaller frame, so it won't fit well on you. The Golden Showers were great, no doubt, but I have a feeling they aren't as sexy in real life. There is a reason why we expel pee from our body, because it's not good for you. I can't remember exactly, but is that the MC's friend?! I too find anooses gross, as that's where No2 comes out. Is Minnesota like New York or Vegas, a state that never sleeps? Besides during New Years with everyone light in firecrackers, everyone here is already home and stores closed by 10PM.
    I thought 4Kids was fine, but I was a foolish young boy who didn't know better. Yeah, I should watch Zatch Bell again. It and Bobobo were God-tier in humor. Say an F1 and a normal soccermom van were going up in a racing competition. The F1 will always win, right? But say the F1's oil was siphoned out. The race starts, and car wins because F1 has no oil, meaning it doesn't work. Analogy applies to Pikachu vs Snivy. And learning is half the battle! It was a perverted priest, doing the hand trick before Naruto's Deidara with its clay technique. Putting prayer beads over his demon Palm just looked so cool to me, a vacuum bi+ch slap for maximum damage. Taeko Yasuhiro, huh? Mikan can take her out. JUST FORGIVE ME ALREADY!

    IDK, sometime between the 60-70s? Shortly before they started doing gaming, after cab service. Who said you can only have 1 WAIFU? Nintendo said they want to improve your Quality of Life, not keep it the same.

    Nah, it was ET. He now. offers his services by using his finger light as a lamp. Ahh I see, I thought all branches of military required you to stay a certain amount of time. One person I used to know got out early too (probably also a year), but I don't remember which part he was in. That sounds like the plot to an underdog movie. Your father is a respected man, while you are weak. The officers try to whip you into shape, and you've got bullies making fun of your weakness. Then in the end, you save the world by accident, you get the hot girl, your bully rival is now your close friend, and your dad now sees you as a man. Now I need to send that to Hollywood and get my phat cheque. What do you need a Death Star for? It's just a base set in space with a planet destroying laser. With Optimus Prime, you've got a transforming robot vehicle.
    A whole bunch of bubble wrap for just $20? That actually doesn't sound bad. Sounds fun even.

    Yeah, the Danganronpa anime sucks. There's no free time scenes, and investigations take not even a minute. I'm a fan of physical too, but I had young cousins come over yesterday, and being digital only would have been so convenient instead of constantly switching discs, but again, HDD issues and the hoarder in me wants physical discs. Yeah, UDG has been great. I haven't been playing it as much as I wanted because of MGSVTPP and still trying to platinum Dangan2, but what I've played (just reached Shirokuma's secret base in Ch2) has been great. Frame rate is awful at times, and it's hard getting Nice Shots since the hitbox seems so small, but everything else has been top notch. I love the cute chibi art, how Toko and (K)omaru play off each other, and Toko's steamy Byakuya fantasies lol Thank you, Mikan, for your delicious crotch plate visuals! I disagree, other than Mikan's (how can you do even worse than Mondo butter?) and Peko's (her's and Sakura's were equal, IMO) punishment, I thought the rest were all better than DR1's. Chiaki's was my favorite of all punishments, and while it was long, it didn't drag on like Makoto's and Kyoko's did. I've now done DR2's School Life twice (got just Soda's, Tanaka's, Akane's, and Nidai's endings so far), but I still gotta get through it another 3 times to get everyone else's endings. You need a whole bunch of coins to get every gallery item and then all presents anyway, so might as well do it. I guess we're just both bias of the voice we heard first. I also dislike Hajime's, Teruteru's, Monomi's, and especially Nagito's (he doesn't sound as messed up) JP voices, but I like the rest. Yeah, Advanced Hangman's Gambit sucks. The letters hitting off-screen sucks. I just set the difficulty to Gentle since there's no trophy for beating the game on Mean anyway.
    You haven't finished DR2 yet?! What blasphemy! I just finished it, and holy phuck, Ch5 and 6 are insane, even more than DR1's Ch5 and 6. All those twists got me saying "WHAAAAAAT?!" and my jaw dropped several times. Nice to see Kiyondo 2.0 too. Nagito is awesome. The plot twist even makes him more twisted.

    Dat Chiaki and Peko bikini 2 hit combo. Oh lawd o mighty! Shame Peko wasn't wearing a thong like Teruteru guessed, but it's not a problem at all. You can get everyone's undergarments. I've now gotten Gundham's and Kazuichi's after completing their Hope Fragments. In DR1, it was tied to maxing their School Life affection, but in DR2 you just have to complete their friendship. After you said that, I went to google her uncensored erotic scenes and... I was bombarded by hentai pictures. At least it was hentai instead of end game spoilers. I checked Amazon, and the JP version is $50, so I don't think I'll import it just to see two uncensored scenes. And speaking of Amazon, I checked the Chiaki figurine, and it's $111. Sorry Chiaki, that's too rich for my blood. Yeah, I really enjoyed Mikan too. I liked that Hinata's (from Naruto, not Hajime) VA voiced her. Her angry side is just adorable too haha

    F3 and NV's settings are basically the same, deserted and barren post-apocalyptic wastelands. Plus, those games were ugly. Fallout 4 looks a bit nicer, but I'm not getting that at launch. Rise of The Tomb Raider is coming to PC and PS4, but Xbox 360 and Xbone has it as a timed exclusive until I think Holiday 2016, so a year. If you like Japanese games, it's really a no brainer to get a PS4 since a lot have already been announced for it, but no Xbone versions. What Sony has been doing with PS4s is bundling them with new games instead of doing price cuts. That's basically $340 PS4 and $60 game, so you can't get mad at that. Still, patience is virtue. There will be an official price drop sooner or later.
    Speaking of Kairi, in the Japanese version, if you look up her skirt, she's wearing a pink panty with laces. Oh glorious Nippon and your perverted ways! Nuh-uh, and I will fight you! Aqua >>>>> Namine > Larxene > Xion > Kairi

    So that's what matinees are? I thought that was just a fancy way of saying adults. If your boss doesn't find out, that is. Flip off everyone as subtle as you can.

    I just wish one of the good guys die. What's the point of an all-out war if no one dies. I wonder what will happen to Sora when Ventus is awakened. I don't know, maybe. I think they were announced at the same time, so yeah maybe they tried to make both versions equal, but the DS version ran out of space at the JBK fight and had to end it there. 50 monsters, with an extremely low chance of recruitment, yeah no thanks.

    Yugioh pre-Battle City was dumb. Rules were made up and pulled out of their buttocks. Then inbetween Duel Kingdom and BC was Duke's stupid butt Dungeon Dice Monsters and then egg monsters. And even BC had the Noah arc, with their deck master gimmick. The experimental YGO games on the PS2 and GameCube were cool though. Joey vs Marik is a cool duel, especially the way Marik wins. Not as cool as Yugi's infinite draw loop cheat on Strings though. Letting mino characters get a spotlight really made that arc stand out. Also, Tristan becoming a monkey. In GX, there's a dueling robot monkey with the name Joey dueling with Joey's deck. It was the Seal of Orichalcos thing. This was the only major arc in YGO that I didn't care to watch. Has Arc-V been dubbed yet? It's excellent. They've basically separated each of the shows into different worlds. 5Ds is set in the Synchro World, Zexal is in the (I forget, Overlay world?), OG YGO (and I'm guessing GX too because it's a sequel 10 years after OG) is in the Ritual World, and Arc-V is now the original world.
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