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  • I use Bulbapedia, but Extroph uses PLDH.net. As soon as I get a custom SD slot for my computer, I'll start ripping my own sprites. xD
    ...Along with the sound files. :D
    This is the site we use to get our userbars.
    Also, Sumopaint is used for FX and stuff. :) ...If you want it to have a "glow" or something...
    Hidden in a spoiler tag, (On the first post, it'll be the only thing under that spoiler tag) there is a <insert pokemon name here> FTW!! The name changes, btw. As for Forum and xat, they are private, we exchange them over PMs. :) I'll send you the links. Trainerchris already took water, and if Emperor Extroph approves, he'll be water. Dark...Is open, surprisingly. :) I originally wanted to be dark, but Victor had taken that then switched to Fire. xD So...Dark is open. ;)
    I'll send you links. :)
    I'm doing custom Userbars, also. If you want one, let me know. ;)
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