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  • Hey the SK's 10 year anniversary is approaching and I want all available former members to kind of come to together and fellowship and see where everyone is in relation to long time that's passed. I created a discord https://discord.gg/NZbuKTP for us to congregate and talk as we count down. I figured starting now we can get a few people together and grow until we hit Oct. 4th. Looking forward to seeing ya!!
    hi FT <3 will drop by again, hopefully people are on this time lol
    what did u just say to me u smarmy little elephant
    .__. im a good ol buddy of doc's, he drops romantic sonnets about u on the daily up at the prestigious team america xat :3 xP
    also the beast xShayde wants me to pass him ur skype
    I can PM you that team if you like. It features probably the most prominent aspect of the current metagame in TTar - Landorus - Keldeo core, and works pretty solidly. Good for learning curve too, I've used it for 3-4 days and improved pretty well.

    By the way, you should come round the clan xat, it'll be a lot easier to talk there than on here - www.xat.com/MythicDawn
    I just barely missed out! They only accepted the top 5 who had scores above 70%, I scored 79%, but the 5th spot had 81%. That bummed me out hard for a month or so.

    Jellicent is indeed an absolute asshat to deal with.
    Yeah, I was hoping on more returning but as it stands, it's Me/PK/N3rd/FT/Wiz.

    See, I played middling amounts of BW before I quit, so I have some idea of what I'm doing. The metagame shifted so hard since BW though.
    Yeah, but that's still a good 3 years away! The placement would come in the fourth year, since if I get the spot I'll finish my 4 year course in 3 to prepare me for the level of skill required for the research placement. I'll probably be sticking around, I joined PK's (now Noheart) and N3rd's new clan, so I have some reason to.

    Oh God, me too. I am abysmal. The most I've learned so far is 'TTar - Keldeo - Landorus-I' core wrecks ****, and Alakazam is fun as hell now.
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