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Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2014
Jan 13, 2011
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Fighting Leader

Xman96 was last seen:
Mar 7, 2014
    1. Cris~Wigglytuff~
      Ninjask against your team= FAIL -___-
    2. Cris~Wigglytuff~
      Ok, and lol rain team vs. sand team.
    3. Cris~Wigglytuff~
      Sure, any pokes except ubers/legends/hacks
      i'll be on in a few
    4. xdragonx
      Cool~ I'll keep that in mind. Thank you!

      (Btw, I saved our first battle in my video-log thing on the game. Would you mind if I posted it on Youtube, or would you prefer I delete it. =D)
    5. xdragonx
      Dragon Pulse is a cool move. I get tired of seeing Outrage on PBR a lot. D= (Wh-what's wrong with Dragon Claw?)

      I like mixed attackers a lot. They can surprise people and do a lot of damage. *nodnod* Good game too! Thank you for these awesome battles!
    6. xdragonx
      Your Sceptile is awesome! I thought you were going to do a Swords Dance, but you OHKO'd my Salamence. xD;;

      D= Argh, Flinch Hax. Sorry 'bout that.
    7. xdragonx
      Alrighty, then. I'm going in~ See you there!
    8. xdragonx
      You too! ;___; I thought was dead at the beginning.

      And okay~ I'm probably going to be stuck using the same team, though. xD;; I'll try to switch things up right now, unless you're ready, in which case I'll just head on in again.
    9. xdragonx
      Sounds good! (And I do see you in the room now, so it looks like we'll be able to connect this time?)
    10. xdragonx
      Sure! We can try again. xD I'll be on Wi-Fi momentarily.
    11. Cris~Wigglytuff~
      Sure, my fc is in my sig
    12. Cris~Wigglytuff~
      ok im online :)
    13. Cris~Wigglytuff~
      Wanna battle?
      btw i love that part of your sig about the shoes.
    14. swirlykiwi
      when r u available?
    15. TrollFreak
      hey do you wanna trade for a shiny eevee or scizor? send me a pm if yes plz
    16. swirlykiwi
      sweet. when r u available? my time difference is GMT+ 13
    17. swirlykiwi
      hey bro im after a treecko :) i'll trade an event legendary dog for one? dogs are untouched, an i dont care about lvls or gender etc :)
    18. ShinyDoug
      Hey, watch out. That was just a 1-liner in the shiny club.
    19. Iron Beast
      Iron Beast
      shiny cranidos is a good one. i have a shiny rampardos and well.... its a great shiny to have. go for it
    20. Xman96
      Hey I am a avid trader! If you have any shinies that you would like to trade please pm me! We can work something out.
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    Before you criticize someone walk a mile in thier shoes, that way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away, and you have thier shoes.

    Shiny Expert: Xander
    After Xander loses the Unova League, he gets a mysterious call from Prof. Rowan saying that he must come back and see what he's found. Xander has no idea what's in store for him.