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Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2014
Jan 13, 2011
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Fighting Leader

Xman96 was last seen:
Mar 7, 2014
    1. SonnyDances
      can i stiil have them when you get your DS?
    2. SonnyDances
      do you still have a choice band and choice scarf?
    3. SonnyDances
      hey do you have wi-fi now
    4. Firebrand
      Hey. Next part of Hero's Path is up.
    5. dracoburn
      I just cut mine off when it feels right. My last chapter was supposed to be twice as long, so I cut it in two parts.
    6. dracoburn
      Just read your new fic. Really long, but I like it!
    7. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      New chapter of Journeymen - Chapter 13, Seeing Red pt. II is up!
    8. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Oh cool has he agreed to appear in the fic?
      Live feed: Socky vs. Charizard!
    9. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      I see well it'll be good all the same. It's surprising how easy it is to write once you get into the swing of it. This final battle is heating up now!
    10. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Move to VM I hate PMing I always get emails.

      But yeah sounds good and makes sense. Raj was quite a prominent character in LoH so it makes sense that I shouldn't bother with the Team Omega arc. Besides I have the follow your dreams bit to do as well but that's gonna be harder, i.e. flitting from here to there following various different characters.
    11. dracoburn
      You did tell me, it just keeps slipping my mind. I'll tell you what, I'm going to bed right now, but I'll pull it up and leave it open so that I remember to read it as soon as I get back on my computer, alright?

      By the way, I posted another part of Friends of Draco, in case you're interested and find the time.
    12. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      LOL it's nice to see you've embraced the acronym yourself, best of luck for Professor X!

      I'm on fb now, chat?
    13. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Same man, I might crank out some Journeymen
    14. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      I imagine that's about it, and thanks :) they go to print on Monday (the company) so I imagine they'll get in touch if any urgent matters need attending to
    15. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Phew I just finished a massive 2 hour proof read :O
    16. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      That sounds about right to me, seems like the most feasible option. I'm gonna send a mass message, asking people to forward it to all the NCTH members they know so we can reconnect with everyone, sorta like a big SOS :P

      And yes transformers!
    17. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Haha thanks, yeah it's madness at the moment, it's 3 days before print so I'm busily interacting with the publishers, just last minute things to tweak! I should probably make a start on reviving the NCTH this weekend, no promises
    18. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      Nope I haven't sorry, I've been really busy with yearbook.
    19. dracoburn

      Hope that link works.

      EDIT: Aaaaaannnnnnddddddd it doesn't even appear. Grr..
    20. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      I'll appoint all of those I see fit to help me rebuild the group again, starting with you since you've offered. Just hang on sorting some IRL stuff first
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    After Xander loses the Unova League, he gets a mysterious call from Prof. Rowan saying that he must come back and see what he's found. Xander has no idea what's in store for him.