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  • Yeah it seems easier; only down to the second? Easy peasy! ;P

    Let me know how you go :) sucks that wifi hasn't been working for you
    That's cool! Glad to hear you're still playing and keeping up with it :)

    Ok, well maybe we could arrange a trade sometime? I don't know what you have (I used to have a list somewhere of pokes that TS had for trades, but that's long gone!). Would you be able to tell me what you have? I hear BW RNG is much easier than HG/SS was. Might have to learn for myself...

    Well, I am 2/3 of the way through my degree and work full time as an accountant, so I have my foot in the door and I'm really enjoying it. There's good and bad days but hey! You get that :)

    It's nice to hear from you again :) Keep well!
    Hey Mike! Hope all's going well for you! How is the baseball nowadays?

    I'm coming back to play online a bit so I was looking to establish contacts again. Do you still RNG and pokeSAV?
    It's going alright. We just opened about 2 weeks ago but we could still use more members. But I mean, 16 or 17 isn't bad for just opening.
    Yo hey mike, sorry been long long time,,, I have sold all my pokemon merchandise. .. but when i feel like playing I just use PO. . . AND life is badly hectic... I am totally preoccupied with other stuff, + academics are all over me like never be4::

    but will catch up some day, .. keep in touch :)
    hey mike long time no see
    just asking if you have another larvesta, karrablast that IV to become escavalier and shelmet that iv to be accelgor
    if you do PM me ;)
    Hey Mike, just catching up. Hope you are well, Uni is taking up all my time, otherwise I'd be helping with the clan. Hope all goes well,

    yo! so whats going on? i never see anyone on the chat... im ready to start this clan already xD btw the arcanines and zoroarks r ready =] just gotta do a luxray now =]
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