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  • Please use the SPOILER tags next time you're gonna write something very long. ^^;
    Uh, no problem. Not too often I get thanked for that kind of thing. Cursed out, on the other hand... xD
    No. I'm just saying your a good reviewer.

    Yeah. I put a lot of effort into my things.

    That's true. I type fast, but sometimes I tend to make some mistakes, although I catch most of them.

    That's a lot of languages!
    Hey. You're a pretty good fanfiction reviewer. I just thought I'd bring that up. Although, I doubt treecko power will get any better. Besides, using your EXAMPlLE (which I'm sure you intended for it be) is just lazy of that annoyance. I'm not a great writer, but I'm not horrible and show an understanding of the basics regardless of the fact that I use the texting language when I text.
    Oh I see you didn't mean gear. But I see what you mean with the Chinchilla. Calumon and Terriermon show some similarities, but I believe Chiramii is still pretty unique. but gear on the other hand... well like I said, not much you can do.
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