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  • I'm really sorry about before, even though it was like, two years ago. I was such a bad person, but I have matured. :) So yeah, thanks for the advice back then, stupid young me just couldn't handle the fact that I was wrong. I wish you the best!
    Ok, heading to wi-fi club. Gimmie a couple minutes though, saved inside the tower w/ all the litwicks. Gotta work my way out.
    Hey, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Been a nightmare trying to connect to my roommates wireless network today.

    Anyhow, to answer your question I am in fact still giving the Zorua away. PM/VM back with your trainer name, friend code, whatever nickname you want for it (if any), and when you'll be available.

    Trainer: Zalbar
    FC: 0905 2045 6606

    Also, please note I am currently out of females and I don't plan on breeding any more for a while. Sorry if that's an inconvieniance to you.
    Something similar if you have anything like it on Black or white? It's got Flamethrower and good IV's at lvl.1
    do u have adamant or jolly archens (one male one female)
    if u have both may i have both?)
    what r u looking for? xD
    Give up trying. The people on these forums have a constant urge to just be rude for no reason. I think they're trying to be cool or something. Ever since people started to put pokelogic and patterns together, they forget that anything can happen in a video game. Good job for trying and all but this forum is full of snobs that expect everyone to know everything that they made themselves believe, even some mods here act the same. It's just not a place for people to put in their thoughts. The best thing I can tell you to do is ask a question, ignore the ones who don't answer, and forget them. Oh! and that person that said "I don't like him" was trying to fit in and brown nose, like all the others.
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