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  • oh cool, i had so much fun with monster rancher 3. too bad my copy broke down. i got the volcarona from a random website, you can copy the URL if you want.
    Hey Matt! The queues are for people looking for an opponent and/or ref, so since you've already set things up you don't need to post in them. I will respond to your PMs now and I'll post the thread after double-checking with Wildy about the specifications.
    Well, a full 6-on-6 would be nice, but I'll be on a short holiday from wednesday till sunday. Just so you know ;). And you can choose the field, any is fine really. I'd prefer singles though, still practising that ;).
    It's already the 25th here so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D

    Yep, I became a mod a few months after our last VM [if I remember correctly, it was so long ago ._.] then I resigned after a few years, but then a year later I was asked if I could mod those sections again and I said why not.
    Nice. I would've played it since Gen 1 but at the time my parents were in the "Pokemon is of the devil" adapted mindset. lol

    Oh awesome. Having family who plays music definitely helps. It offers healthy competition and you can always ask for tips from each other. =) Do you listen to a lot of music?
    Hope so too! :D I have grammar nazi tendencies myself, but then I realize how awful my own grammar is, so I feel hypocritical XD

    Holy crap, that's a lot of instruments! I took piano lessons when I was a kid, but that didn't really amount to anything. And once you master piano, the guitar shouldn't be that hard, seeing as a lot of the skills you needed to learn piano will be pretty useful with guitar. And it's not common you hear someone saying they love theory [especially since I have a lot of critical theory subjects] so good for you! :D
    Hey there! Sorry I missed your VM, but I use [*QUOTE][/QUOTE] so it'll be like:

    without teh star thingy of course.

    Anyways, welcome to ASB and have fun. I'm a newbie too :p
    Just a local university.

    I'm using Delphox in Y and it's amazing. I do wish there were more Pokemon but I like all the new Pokemon. So quality over quantity I guess. I don't mind Mega Evolutions but I wish they were more available during the story instead of them all being post-game.
    I hope so too! There's always that stigma with majoring in English in that we have a really hard time getting jobs, but I hope that doesn't happen to me. D:

    Holy crap, that sounds so cool! [Get it? Sounds... ahahaha] I remember my mom telling me about a subject where that was their focus [she was a Psych major] and it sounded really cool, so wooo! Are you having fun?
    I have been enjoying them a lot. But school has put my playtime on hold, but now that finals are over that should be remedied. Do you have them?
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