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Last Activity:
Nov 29, 2013
Sep 7, 2009
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Merchant Of Death

xst33vox was last seen:
Nov 29, 2013
    1. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity between November 2 and the time of this message, your claim on Ho-Oh on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    2. craig87
      Thanks a lot mate

      I know it must of been hard work catching it in that ball
    3. craig87
      ok il wait in wifi mate
    4. craig87
      hi mate il just register your fc and go in
    5. Magicmonkey
      im about 1.5 meters away at all times
    6. Magicmonkey
      ok, but it wont work. i just cant connect to 3/4 people.
    7. Magicmonkey
      sorrymy connection is sometimes rubbish like this. we can do shaymin-giritina/azelf over gts, but i dont have darkrai on my dex so i cant do him :/
    8. evan0913
      yeah, they are all flawless except for the ones that have specifc spreads listed.
      I do have regular shinies, just can't be bothered to put them up :p
    9. evan0913
      Oh, man I hope this doesn't affect ur relationship, cos that's not what I meant...
      The Axew is not cloned anyway so, we'll wait a bit:)
    10. evan0913
      its a site where u can get free pokes I think.
      http://www.makeawish-gts.net/index.php that Scraggy is there I think, she also have many other free ones

      Edit: No worries man. It legit, just not worth much :) I don't need a trade back, I only reject hacked pokes so no big deal :)
    11. evan0913
      cool isn't she the one on make a wish GTS? She's quite famous~ :D
    12. evan0913
      btw do u actually know Touko in person?
    13. evan0913
      Yeah that u too! And the leftovers... I'll attach something next time if I remeber lol :D
      Okay we'll talk then, in the meantime I'll get ur Axew cloned
    14. evan0913
      great, do u see me?
    15. evan0913
      np take ur time :3
    16. evan0913
      Okay mate, I can trade now if ur free :)
    17. evan0913
      That is quite nice of her. If she can do some of the non-pending pokes on my wants list I can offer very well. I see u have claimed Tyranitar! lol, I've just updated the thread with a couple of awasome T-tars, u may be interested in them.
    18. evan0913
      cool, looking forward to it. But u have to give me about 15 min. Just in the middle of something right now. Can I VM u when I am ready? Sorry for the delay :D Also have u checked with ur friend whether her pokes are redistributable?
    19. evan0913
      Hi :) saw ur post :D I like that Scraggy, but I didn't know u wanted the Axew so its not yet cloned. Do u want to do Pawniard for Scraggy first? Honestly I am not that interested in the other 3, I'll get the Axew cloned and u can give me any of the 3 for it, I don't need them all, just want to make a new friend :)
    20. evan0913
      Hey man I have the Pawniard ready and replied in my shop :D
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