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Recent content by xst33vox

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    Shiny Pokémon & PokéRadar Thread

    Sooo are shinies more common in the friend safari? Got a random shiny boldore in there yesterday.
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    Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

    So I'm thinking of challenging myself and running a REALLY heavily fire based team. delphox charizard blaziken and houdoom. Then swap the last two slots accordingly.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    The fact that serebii has had the game for what, two days? and has already found so much is just proof that serebii is a boss.
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    My bad, I'm not going to search through 508 pages worth of posts to double check that. If you'd like to site the exact spot it is by all means, go ahead. Saw it when looking for any new info on mega tyranitar/aggron and posted it cause its funny something that old has a good amount of those who...
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    Oh forgot about them. I'm not complaining though, I'm still hoping for mega arcanine
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    Mega Evolutions Thread

    So just wanted to throw out, this image was made on September 5th. So far it has been accurate to the confirmed megas. Could it possibly be all the ones in which we will receive? http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/megaevols-925x1024.jpg
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    Double-Team. The ultimate annoyer?

    Most of ubers are legendaries. Ask your friend if legendaries are being used or not. You can't use the stupid overpowered legendaries in battle tower, etc, so who cares? If your good, you can win with whoever, so whats it matter?
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    Double-Team. The ultimate annoyer?

    Eh, I'm more of a believer of if its in the game, it should be allowed. If you ban one thing from play, then the next best thing is all that people will use. Imagine the difference in competitive play is nothing is banned, it'd be similar to what it is now, most people using the exact same...
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    Pokemon Dream Team?

    i'd be good as long as i could use the haxorus in my sig :)
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    Ash vs Red

    well, its seems as though everyone is putting ash into the games, and not putting red into the anime. I tell you, if i used darkrai vs red he'd be ****ed, ash did beat a darkrai in the show, andddd look how many badges he has. Plus, ashes charizard is godly. Nobody really knows what "lvl" his...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    the little pvc ones?
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    How far do you think Pokemon will go?

    I don't see it dying out for a very long time. Look at how horrible yugioh is now, and they're still around. Pokemons been getting pretty damn good. Plus, looking at technology, pkm 10th gen would prob be virtual reality...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Blazeboy, why are you still in this thread? I though you were "out" from your comment earlier? No, you aren't trolling, but you are being a d***. You didn't agree with the theory, neither do I, but realize there are still some people on the site who are kids, so no need to bash someone who most...
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    Things in the Pokémon world which just don't make sense (by pokémon standards)

    http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lk4nouqKVx1qfd0ebo1_500.png LOL dodrio flys like this