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  • Oh yeah, speaking of files, I had a vid I took on my dad's camera which I shortened to 9 seconds on some half-assed image site, but the damn bucket deleted both renditions which I don't have on this computer, fuuuuuuck. >_>

    Lol speakin' of Pbucket, I got your 180 haha, time to turn another half-circle lol:
    Yeah, figuring out MP3s and encoding an' crap are a pain, add to that my well-founded dislike of "music" and my connection being as slow as hell and you get zilch mp3/wmp files. The fact that the drive broke down a couple of months ago and that the *******s over at the corp mistook me sayin' I wouldn't pay for shlt unless they got 70% done at least as "don't recover this at all, I can-sulled'd/10kbai" and just sent the broken piece of this recepticle here, means I'm pretty much limited to manga/games irl.. >_>

    But do you know how to upload zip files here? This other vbulletin board I used to frequent before getting the ipban let me upload, but here it doesn't seem t' do just that.. V_V
    People have said I stress the "a"/ ay sound too much (not "ahh") so I say somethin' like baaayn when I comment that someone got b& and ****, and at one point after I locked myself in a room for seven months it got so bad from me talking to myself that it was like I was speakin' aother language/dialect lol >_>

    I took a bit of latin in sixth grade but forgot it (and French, which I could hold a decent conversation in after half a year, yay for Asian brains of 156+ IQ points!) in the span of like a year and a half completely along with the Roman numerals because I'm a lazy bytch and I prefer to go the easy way, Arabik numeral way, too bad English doesn't like usin' that or a script that actually matches the language and doesn't force you to look up spellcheck every sentence and a half like our script Hangul lol.

    Still, I want that vid... c'mon we're Asian comrades arent' we?!?! -_-

    Wellthen go get one motherphucka, it's right over at the nearest electronics store, some o' them mikes even act as a headphone like mine. >_>

    Lol, Korea. On that note, what are your racial/international origins? I'm Korean and spent the first 12 years o' my life there and about two and a half in CA so I'm obviously fluent or more fluent than anative speaker in the case of my native language, with my reading an' writing skillz in English bein' higher than a college senior according to my SAT scores. I also used to be fluent in Chinese since my brother an' myself were brought up by a Chinese woman of Korean descent who taught us, but I can't write for shlt right now haha.
    Lol, I repl'd to your message over at my profile page and can't be assed to paste it, but does any of you d00dz and germs have a video/clip? My first thread got locked'd thanks to some derelict kid and I made another one with no replies in weeks... >_> <_<
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