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  • Hey, I'm a bit under the weather now so I can't muster a lengthy response to the prediction you posted, but I agree with many elements of it (also Gen 6.5 hype FTW!)
    I'm not sure if you're responsible for the Magiana lineart and hypothetical "Capture Mode" lineart on that page as well, but if so, you did a fantastic job (the design work on the second image coupled with the really clean line work is very impressive).

    I'll likely respond to your prediction in full when I'm a little better, but just thought I'd get my approval of it out there in the interim!
    Yes, but that's "true" toads...what about the other anurans that are coined as "toads"?...for example, narrow-mouthed toads, burrowing toads, surinam toads, and a plethora of others...the names given are simply colloquial...

    Also, the order anura is not just frogs...it's frogs and toads...I believe there's a family within it called Ranidae that includes all "true" frogs...
    Those are nominal names. The familly microhylidae has the Eastern narrowmouth toad, as well as the tomato frog and Asiatic painted frog. Xenopus laevis can actually be called the African Clawed Frog or the African Clawed Toad.

    I think it would be better to communicate via VM for now on, so we don't get sidetracked in this discussion.
    Since I don't want to derail the mega evolution thread, I'll address this here:

    it's abilities are down played obviously but even then it is still the most powerful pokemon that essentially created the universe according to the legend that the people had faith in
    The problem with this is that we don't even know if the myth is true. People in the games can't even consistently say what it was Arceus created; the Sinnoh region, the Pokémon world, or the entire universe. Cynthia, who studies these myths, says that the myths are likely just misinterpretations on the part of ancient people, and the the Pokémon involved aren't really what they are purported to be. So even if people believe in the myth, that doesn't mean it is true.

    now mew is more akin to Adam or the " first man" archetype....it was the first pokemon created by arceus and it provided the genetic basis for all the species we see today
    And then the problem here is that Mew and Arceus were never said or implied to have any relationship whatsoever. That is just the fandom's attempt to resolve a non-existent "paradox" between their respective myths by forcing the two of them into a Judeo-Christian narrative mold despite neither being inspired by Judeo-Christian theology.

    If I come off as hostile, I apologize, as that is not my intention. I just wanted to respond to you without disrupting the thread.
    !!!!! Ahhh!!!! Your White 2 Team is similar to mine (Minus the Dragons) it appears we share similer tastes in Pokepreferences.
    Take my lead, 97% of the Spoilers section posters are 'special' and not in a good way.

    Don't take anything they say too seriously or harshly. Just let all the BS roll off your shoulders, in the wise words of Jay-Z circa 2003.

    Most ppl that spend any kind of appreciable length of time there will either wisen up, or join the brainless masses xD.

    Anyhow, you seem to be a smart fellow so that does not apply to you, the 97% ;)
    Arcanine and Heatran aren't draconic either. Really, if it isn't a Dragon-type, and it isn't a reptile of any sort, it's not a dragon. :\
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