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Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2012
Aug 18, 2011
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XxGengar_JFishxX was last seen:
Jun 16, 2012
    1. bug pro
      bug pro
      Hi, back in SPPF? Well, we are preparing for M.O.T 2.0 now.
    2. bug pro
      bug pro
      Also, M.O.T update. Shop is open and some more stuff.
    3. bug pro
      bug pro
      Have you got an intro pm?
    4. bug pro
      bug pro
      I mean klink userbar.
    5. bug pro
      bug pro
      You are a member!
      please put your magnemite userbar in sig.
    6. bug pro
      bug pro
      Or I could do so if you want.
    7. bug pro
      bug pro
      But could you copy all that info, go to the clan and paste there? That way all members can see that "Oh, he can just play on PO!" So that they dont ask for a friend code.
    8. XxGengar_JFishxX
      heyy, sorry for late reply my internet is bad at the moment i can't get on page i'll post it here cause only page i can get to --

      I want to became a tech pro!
      What you like most: (Battling or discussing) either i haven't really battled yet
      Console using: (3DS, DSi, etc) DS
      Friend code(s): Haven't played on WIFI yet lol i'll get it soon tho
      Rating of your battling skils (1 to 10, and be honest!) going off PO ummm 5 or 6
      Did someone suggest you to join?: you

      i won't be able to reply till tomorrow got to go I got skool tomoz
    9. bug pro
      bug pro
      You see the thing named form? Copy all of it and paste into the message box. Then write in all facts about yourself.
    10. bug pro
      bug pro
      M.O.T 1.0 is the name.
      We also have comeptetive discussions.
    11. bug pro
      bug pro
      Its ok, everyone is new to something :).
      In a clan you can do virtually everything, gain more friends, battle, trade, write stories, become a better trainer, make art, breed, shop pokes (clan money, not real) and more. Interested?
    12. bug pro
      bug pro
      Hey, would yoy like to join a clan?
    13. bob517
      Okay then man c ya around the forums :D
    14. bob517
      Hey what's up see you're new need any help or need a friend contact me :D
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