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  • Oh don't worry about it ^^; school is demanding :p
    XDDD Oh really? What does he do? Or is it that he can just be weird or something? (sorry it's late so I might not be grasping something xDD)
    Aww :( yeah I remember I loved dressing up too XDD
    :D Well that's good. They aren't too far away ^^
    XDDD LOL! I have a feeling if my family was on tv it'd get boring fast XDD
    I know, I remember that D= I don't see WHY they don't. Just because many people don't go Trick or Treating and whatnot that doesn't mean you can't dress up (I'll confess. I went Trick or Treating the last few years of high school because I wanted to cosplay *shot* I can never go to anime conventions DX)
    Aww I love guinea pigs X3 they make awesome squeaks XDD
    Aww...that's nice that they visited! ^^
    (You're welcome ^^)
    Yeah I see XDD We've been doing this for years as well XD;
    :D We had that too XDD My only issue is I'd foget which day XD; so I normally didn't dress up. But we had a Character Day so I dressed up as N XDD
    X3 I love rabbits~ It is nice! XD
    Thank you! :D
    (X3 It was adorable. You're a very talented author =)
    Oh wow DX That would be long. It takes us about 2 days to get from Michigan to Florida (and vice versa)
    XDD That sounds like fun. Rofl wearing pajamas is fun for like a sleep over and stuff :D You can't wear them anywhere else besides to bed XDD
    Aww :( I'm sure they'll be back soon ^.^ Rabbits are really cute, aren't they? I see XDD My family likes a lot of animals :3
    XDD I don't blame you, I'd be mad too ^^; ugh I gotta start my novel soon haha...at least I have it though ^^
    Yeah I read your fanfic And I loved it. Detctive Dento is on the case and question Iris and thinking that Dento was cute priceless XD
    (I'm gonna read your fanfic in one second XDD)
    I know!! And you're in Georgia right? XDD Imagine going there from Michigan DXX It's not fun. It's realllly tiring ^^;
    XDDDD That sounds fun! ^^ I have a friend coming over tomorrow, I think we're going to the movies :D
    Awww that's adorable X33 I love bunnies. Rofl..my dad likes animals, but he doesn't like having too many of them ^^; I love cats X3
    LOl! True! =DDD I got my book btw that I need for college!!! X33
    Team Aqua and Magma suck in the games they are so eay to beat. Today is Wishfulshipping Day so Happy Wishfulshipping Day Dannie :D
    I don't like FerrisWheelshipping either. I just see it everyway. That pic is my fav too :3 N is one of my favorite bad guys. Only person that change up his team. But This is my favorite Team
    Team Galatic
    Team Plasma
    Team Rocket(They were easy)
    I dislike Team Aqua and Magma because they were weak and had a lame plan.
    Yeah. I know when we take the trip from Florida down to our house in Michigan it gets really tiring -_- (Wow! Have fun and don't wear yourself down too much ^^)
    X3 That sounds fun! Rofl talk about your problems? Or do you mean just hang out? XD
    X3 Bunnies are adorable. I used to have one :D I want a kitten. I've never had a kitten XD Only cats XP
    True. UGH I know another friend who starts on the 4th ;_; my friends in FL all start on the 8th ^^;
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