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  • you have a legit yokohama pikachu id 50319? it needs to have the region it's from under location. if so i will take that in arceus place.
    i want
    Seth Heracross
    TY Deoxys
    TY Ho-oh
    Makku Pikachu
    Eigakan Arceus(doesn't have poke transfer lab under location does it?)
    WCS Eevee
    Will you be able to put the PCNY Cacturne back up today for me?

    Since I would only be able to at certain times, otherwise I would have no problem waiting until the weekend.
    I actually don't think I will need you to put those Pokemon back up for me now.

    I googled something about this issue, and somebody said to put it in the daycare and withdraw it after you store it.

    That worked perfectly, since other people had the exact same issue.

    EDIT: I got the PCNY Seadra and Crawdaunt fixed. However I do still need the PCNY Cacturne up again.

    Could you put the PCNY Cacturne up on the GTS again? Would you be able to put it up today by any chance?
    I am very sorry but I can't remove the ball capsules on any of the PCNY Pokemon. Can you put them back up on the GTS so that I can try it again with a full party?
    All three of those GCEA Pokemon?

    Well I would love to do that, but I have to go find a few seals to remove the ball capsules.

    I will go do that once I am done finish the trade up with you.

    After I trade you the Wobbofet and Celebi, I will trade you the other 3 from my HeartGold version.
    I also noticed that same issue with the Vulpix, but once I deposited in the PC and withdrew it and was normal.

    The Mew, Bidoof, and Starly are fine though.

    Do you want to head back in wifi?
    Know it displays a communication error when I try to go in and get the Cacturne.

    What do I do to fix this issue?
    Okay I think I have it figured out. Know I just have to get my Pokemon. Thanks for the help. I will let you know once I get them all.
    Okay sounds good then. Should I VM you once I have all of them?

    EDIT: What wifi setting do I put it in? Do I put that DNS in my current wifi setting?

    Also were do I put that code in my wifi settings? I am just a little confused since I have never done this.
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