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  • You are trading me the following:
    Pcny'd Cacturne
    Parushity Mew Makuhari
    PCNY Seadra
    Daisuki Bidoof
    Daisuki Starly
    JEREMY Vulpix
    PCNY Crawdaunt

    I am trading you the following:
    Lv50 PCNYb Shuppet: Rash T (ID: 00211)
    Lv20 McDonalds Pikachu: Bashful UT (Japanese)
    Lv50 Onemura Sleeping Pikachu: Relaxed UT (Japanese)
    Lv10 Pokémon Jungle Tours Celebi: Bold UT
    Lv5 Sunday Wobbuffet: Impish UT

    I will also have to trade you a few filler Pokemon from my Pearl version.

    Okay what is your 4th generation friend code?

    HeartGold Friend Code: 2494-5273-1189
    Pearl Friend Code: 4513-2220-1460
    Okay once you are back online let me know so we can trade.

    Today will also be my last day I will be able to trade. After today I can only trade on weekends. This trade is 4th generation wifi.
    Okay sounds good then, but remember that the entire trade is on 4th generation. I will contact you on Sunday then.
    Are you able to trade tomorrow by any chance? The latest I can trade with you is on Sunday, which is only 2 days if you don't count today. Which means I need to trade as soon as possible. Other wise I won't be able to trade until the weekend. Are you able to trade with me on 4th generation wifi? Since I don't now how to make the Pokemon you want a Pokemon file. Other wise I would have no problem doing a file trade with you.

    If I had some directions on how to make the Pokemon into a Pokemon file I would have no problem to file trade with you.
    Okay I have a question. What time do you think you would be able to trade today? Since I am only able to trade today for about another 2-3 hours.

    EDIT: Okay since you are offline now. Send me a PM or VM once you are back online and would like to trade.
    I was kinda scared to join at first, but I've made more trades on here then anywhere else! What's happening with your shop was the same thing that happened to mine. So many more traders on here, it's wonderful~Kip, kip! xD
    Hehehehe, now you know where I've been hiding! xD I hope you read the shop rules, things are pretty different on here than GTS, kip!
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