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  • I will wait for you to send me the message once you have converted the events into PKM files.

    The only reason why I talked to DannyB01 about it, was because you never responded to my messages. Which made me unsure about the current status of the trade and converting of my events into PKM files. This is also the reason why I always respond with "Okay sounds good then".

    You can either send me a PM/VM here or you can send me a PM on NeoSeeker forums, once you have converted the events into PKM files.
    I will wait for you to send me the message that you have got the Pokemon converted into PKM files. Since that is what DannyB01 told me to do.

    I will wait for you to send me the message.

    EDIT: I also reported those inappropriate messages.
    Meh, I didn't need my shop anymore since I started using Pokecheck, without getting that annoying ribbon. They have a lot of legit shinies. o.o!
    That was 100% unnecessary since we already got everything worked out.

    I also don't know why you are so mad at me, other than the fact I bothered you. Since I was just asking when you could trade. Since the last time you said you were able to trade and I responded. Which you responded by telling me to not go offline. Which I didn't, but you did go offline.

    If you didn't want to convert my 4th generation events in the first place, you should have just told me. Which would have prevented me from bothering you, by asking if you were able to trade. However it is important to note that you were the one who offered to convert my 4th generation events into PKM files. This could have all been avoided if you just said that you didn't want to convert my 4th generation events into PKM files.

    So if you just told me in the first place that you didn't want to convert them. This could have all been avoided. Therefore I am trying to apologize and you respond by swearing and cussing me out. When I am trying to be apologetic, which is very rude. I am also trying to be polite while you are being hotheaded and all upset about something you offered to do for me.

    If you would just read the messages and try to understand what I am trying to say, while still ignoring my username. I think you would realize that you are the person in the wrong, not me. I don't expect you to forgive me, but I just would like you to forget about those messages.

    There were times in previous PMs that you sent me (NeoSeeker) that I wanted to make unnecessary comments and swear at you. But did I swear at you and make unnecessary comments? Have I ever swore and cussed you out? I am just trying to make a point about this situation. I only posted those messages, because you told me "soon". Which has no backbone to the meaning, it is just open to interpretation. I could take the word "soon" meaning tomorrow, while another user could take the word "soon" as meaning next month.
    When can you send me the files of the Pokemon I already sent you?

    I at least expect those Pokemon. Since I sent you the Pokemon you wanted, but you still have to send me the Pokemon I wanted in return.
    Are you able to trade now?

    EDIT: Since you are offline now send me a VM once you are back online so we can trade.
    Lol that is cause their laws are different. In korean everything on the internet involving an account even yahoo requires you to enter your name and social security number. In japan that isn't the case. Go try to register for yahoo.co.kr and you will see even American made stuff has to follow korean law for korean services. There is no anonymous internet surfing in korea.
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