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  • Hello. I really liked the idea of your RPG, but it's moving way to slow for me. I'm really sorry but I think I'm going to have to drop it. Also, I'm in Japan for the next few months and I'm not getting online really. I'm sorry, if the RE-fresh starts to pick up more than please let me know and I would like to come back to it because I really do like the idea of it, but I don't have the time to check it every time and it have not moved.
    Thank you for getting us this far and I hope to hear back from you. I also hope this doesn't put us in disagreement with each other. Talk to you later! (^-^)/
    Well, I'm in an RPG right not (which will probably start very soon) and I just want to leave it at one since I also have other things to do.

    Sorry. I do wish for success for you in your RPG!
    So, um... I guess it's over? RE-fresh sounded like a nice idea, and it gave me an idea of how to write a character sign-up. Thank you for that! If your RPG ever gets started again, give me a holler, I'm still in if it gets going again. ^^'
    Err...I posted and I hope it's alright. It's like 1 AM here so I'm a bit outta it. Tell me if it isn't and I'll try to change it when I get time. ^_^
    Hey, just wondering when we're starting the Kanto Re-Fresh RPG? I'm really excited to start, as I created a completely new character for this RP and I'm eager to start writing for her.
    Hi, I'm sorry if I bother you with this but are we going to start the Re-Fresh soon? I'm really excited about it and can't wait to start it as soon as possible. ^__^
    Hello! I know you don't know me, but one of your RPG's "Pokemon Taion Adventures", is dead as you know and I was wondering if I had your permission to start it back up. (I think the rules say I have to do that first :p) Anyway if I am allowed to it won't start back up right away, just need your permission before I do anything to rash.

    Thanks in Advance!

    BTW: I don't think you use this much anymore, so can I just get your email and I'll ask you anything else from there.
    I suppose I could beta another fic (already doing a few) - just that I won't be necessarily doing it in the same day, is all - probably a few days at least (but I doubt more).

    But any reason why you're asking me to beta read it, curiously? BTW, probably best if you want to do it via e-mail and document form, or google docs... quoting PMs is just a bit more timely and harder to make/read and all, or so I feel. *shrugs* Up to you though.
    I'm changeing my account to something else seeing as how this one is way to hard to log into, I haven't been able to get on it in a long *** time, so I'm just giveing u my New Username: Garmeil
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