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  • Nothing much right now, just listening to the rain outside. How about you?

    Heh. Oh well, like I said, females are nicer (hence why I used Cute Charm to make mine female) but at least you have a shiny Eevee!
    I had always imagined Ghastleon (the name I gave it) would be mostly either white or purple, translucent, and just kinda fly around. It could be a glass cannon kind of Pokemon, get moves like...

    Shadow Claw
    Shadow Ball
    (insert other Ghost-Type moves here)
    Dark Pulse
    Nasty Plot
    I can imagine Ground-Type Eevee. Kinda like the Cubone Family, kinda like this...

    A brown Leafeon, but with a Tail like Cubones, sans the spike.

    A skull shaped kinda like Flareon's cover the head. Black eyes (as well as anything else revealing the true head) with red pupils.

    A bone going down each limb, like Samurott with its swords.

    Feet with long claws.

    A tan underbelly.

    Good defenses, equal offenses, and capable of learning moves like:

    Shadow Ball
    Focus Blast
    Stone Edge
    Iron Defense (egg)
    Calm Mind
    Work Up
    Nasty Plot
    Dark Pulse
    Diamond Bone (A move I dreamed up. Ground, PP 10, power 70, Accuracy 90, "A bone held by the user becomes harder on one end and sharp on the other end, bashing, then slicing, the foe." Hits twice. 1st hit: High Flinch, 2nd: High Crit ratio)
    Thanks! Though I did chain for her. ^_^

    Yeah, I like Glaceon and Umbreon too. The Eevee line are pretty cute.
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