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  • It's been a couple of months since we've spoken. And I'm starting to see that all of my other SPPF friends have left so I guess I'm going to permanently leave as well. You were a really great online friend to have. I really did enjoy talking to you. :) Baibai! Have a good life!
    Does this make up for my absence?
    I guess I should mention that I just don't like high school now because of the stress. But other than that, it's funfunfun :D... :)... :|... :( Yah?
    I do, I do, I really do. :[
    Ah Thanksgiving. So lovely. Next week, yah? Can't wait. :] High school was a weird thing to get used to at first tbh. Not just because of the fact that it was high school but because it was the first time I went to private school. Mix high school with religion, and uniforms, and rich *****es. Just the girls, not the guys. Went to an all girls school. Not fun. :( Hated the first year, was miserable there. I decided to stereotype everybody and think they all sucked. My fault, not theirs.
    Then we moved and I switched schools. I still go to an all girls school, but it's different. Idk, found friends who're more like me. Or I'm more like them? I miss my home, middle school, and all my old friends. And I would still choose my old house than where I live now. But I like the school better, yah? The end, yah?
    Thaaaaaanksgiving. Come sooner please. :[ Uuuuunnniiiiiiiiveeerrrssssiiiittttyyy. Come sooner please. :[ School is too much!
    yesyes please :] I realize I am giving you no conversation at this point but it's only because most of what I've heard about dorms is basically what popculture tells me. :( I need some body to give me the pros and cons to everything about living at school versus living at home.
    ah, that's so interesting! *____* Please tell me more, Dorm-dweller! Teach me of the ways of college living. :D
    I love the idea of being in Chicago. :eek: I'd probably do dorms for the first two years and then head off the a University apartment. I mean, that's the plan anyway. Who knows what's really going to happen?
    So what's dorm life like? Are there strict rules? How about somebody visiting? Breakfast/dinner situation? Social life?
    I wish I could dorm. ;___; So far, I've narrowed down my college choices as.... not being in the southwest. That leaves four other regions to go! *picks up college books*
    You know, you make college sound so depressing. And here I am, anxious to be a freshman. I really want to see what the whole dorming thing is about. Have you tried it? :eek:
    It is good to know that I am not on this STRESSEDVACATIONISLANDWHATEVERITIS alone, Brandon. To be honest, the only thing that gets me away from all this irl stuff is SPPF. Like, I'll try calling a friend and then we always end up back on: Did you do Mrs.___'s homework yet? Oh that lab was so hard. I applied for ____. Do you know when you'll take your SATS? And so on and so forth. All of this talk just makes me reminiscent of the simplicity of SPPF. I miss the fanfics, talking with you, and all the relationships I built here. Now, when I come back, I feel like it's a ghost town.
    Or maybe my time here is just over. :p
    why hello there brand new friend. My name is Lisa, or Pokewiz as I am known on this site.
    I am in my senior year of high school and even though all of the movies told me this is the year to have fun I've just been veryveryvery stressed. I have college apps and SATS to look forward to. Not fun. D:
    Hope your personalnonserebiilife is looking better than mine is currently, fellow SPPFer
    signed Pokewiz/Lisa
    You shouldn't feel awful! I should! I ditched SPPF for like a year! And how else would we have kept in contact except through this site. It's my fault I didn't try logging in for a while. :[ Forgive me for being a crappy friend?
    I.AM.SORRY! :( I moved to a different region, different state, different city. Had to adapt to new weather, new school, new friends. And drama. @____@ And oh yeah, my parents don't like me being on this site so I can't use it as much (at least not until I get my own computer). Before, when I came here a lot it was because I used to sneak around and use it (or just stop sneaking and use my cousin's laptop).But now that I've moved, I have no computer to go crazy on with serebii. But I is back, now? Sort of? :'(
    I miss you~ Th-this is the problem when I pick up activity. I b'aww over not being able to move on from all my friends here. :'<
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