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  • Hmm, candy obsession? What candy obsession? :D *plays dumb/innocent*

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! ^___^ Hope you had a great day, I now I did! Yummy food <3

    Essays are a major killer, I'm currently trying to bribe a friend of mine to do an essay for me xP Because I really suck at them lol!
    I see...glad your situation isn't as worse as mine. Speaking of light, in the future, I can't expose myself to extremely bright light, otherwise, I raise the chances of developing a cataract.

    As for college, I goto a community, but I plan on transferring after this spring semester. I still live at home, and I either have my brother or my close friends drive me to school. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get back from college...I might have to remove my eyepatch and wear sunglasses or something when I head there. It's still in question, and I have until Sunday night to figure it all out. I only live 5 minutes away from the campus, so I should have no problem getting there.
    Yeah, true...there's only one other person here in SPPF that's had (almost) the same exact eye surgery, except her time of operation is double than mine. But yeah, anyway, wow, that would suck. You had a retinal detachment, too?

    Hm...I'd take a picture of my red eye right now, but I'm gonna hold that back for a few days...I can't pull out my eyepatch right away - it needs time to heal. I could either do it in a few days or a week from now, in which I'll be visiting my eye doctor.

    Speaking of driving, I won't be able to for quite some time. My eye surgery is what's impeding me from doing so.
    Yeah, not fun at all. It even impedes me from doing certain things. I'm concerned whether I'm able to play table tennis or not, since it's one of my college classes.

    As for my eye, I'd say a month or two. It'll stay red for quite a while, but it'll slowly clear up over time.

    Posting a picture of my red eye is still in question...I have to see if others want me to post it or not.
    Well, the thread that started it all...

    Anyway, last May, I succumbed to a retinal detachment, meaning that I kept seeing black floaters wherever I go, and the only way to cure that is eye surgery. Therefore, I had my surgery on 6/12 (or 6/13)...what sucked is that I vomited the entire day. Not only did they fix my eye, they inserted oil to reattach the retina. Until 2 days ago, they removed it, and as of now, I'm wearing an eyepatch. After the second surgery, thank god I didn't vomit. They sedated me, however, so I felt very relaxed, though I couldn't remember what happened during that operation.

    As of now, all is good...now I have to take 3 drops of one eye drop, and 1 drop of the other. Of course, for more info, it's all in that link I gave you.
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