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Last Activity:
Oct 15, 2013
Mar 25, 2005
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A mad mind-//+++
Professional Hobo! UNITE!

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xxxXsightless, from A mad mind-//+++

xXSaberXx was last seen:
Oct 15, 2013
    1. Paperfairy
      I totally emailed you and you didn't get back to me. Do I have the right one?
    2. WingedNightmare
      Hello, long time mainly silent reader of your fics here! Just wanted to say congratulations on getting published, wish you all the best for the future.
    3. WingedNightmare
      Hello, long time mainly silent reader of your fics here! Just wanted to say congratulations on getting published, wish you all the best for the future.
    4. Paperfairy
      I have found a way to immortalize you forever. I'll scan it when i get a chance. :)
    5. Kaizer
      Add me to that list of people to be notified when you officially get published.
    6. NathanS
      Good luck with getting published. Since your not going to be able to end Omnipotence, can you tell us how you planed to end it, please? Pretty please?
    7. Zael
      Oh boy, I remember reading Revelations almost 4 years ago. I loved it so much, I printed every chapter on my school computers, using up tons of paper. That huge stack of papers have been sitting in my closet for 4 years, until this week when I felt like reading again. I'm enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed reading it for the first time. Kudos again.
    8. Tsukiomi No Kaze
      Tsukiomi No Kaze
      wow. took me a week and a half but i read both cross of fates and omnipotence. I was going to write up a big review but i noticed that it hadnt been updated in over a year. i just wanted to say that im a big fan of your works and hope thats not the end of them (you have some real talent for writing, you have inspired me to keep at my own writing) thanks.
    9. Kaizer
      Seeing how you're still dropping in I was wondering: have you dropped Omnipotence for good? It was such a good story and the cliff-hanger ending is pretty harsh.
    10. xXPorygonXx
      Oh thank god you're back.

      We all missed your awesome writing abilities.
    11. Pandeji
      Stupid duplicates. XP
    12. Pandeji
      It's refreshing to see somebody on here that I know from my old days of pokemon, when I believe my username on Serebiiforums was xXNeji HyuugaXx or (something like that). ^_^ I have been playing again as of late (that would be Pearl), but I pulled out my old Firered to see what was happening, and, low and behold, my character's name was Chris. With a Charco. Etc. Then I remembered how amazing my life was when reading your fanfic. I even went through and copied the entire thing into word documents so that, if the brilliant masterpiece (Cross of Fates) would ever be lost on the internetz, I would still be able to enjoy it on my own. Now, before even starting to read Omnipotence, I notice that there are only 8 chapters or so and my mind screams "WHY?" You are an incredible and talented author, and I believe that your characters, fans, and own self deserve more than a cliffhanger for life. Either way, I'd love to catch up with you.
    13. Jage
      Just wondering are you going to finish your fic PR: O. It was one kickass story. Best one I've read. :-)
    14. KelDragon
      Hey, Saber. You probably don't remember me, but I was the guy who asked for a copy of your story awhile back... yeah, you probably don't remember me. Well, i'm blind and I'd really enjoy having it offline, and I lost it when my old computer was given away and we transfered to a new one. So...er... do you think you could send me a .DOC copy? my email is kelby carlson @ us family . net (remove the spaces put there for spambots.)
    15. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      Why hello there, Saber : D
      How are you ^^
    16. Profesco
      You do that, then. ^_^

      Your presence is happily welcomed!
    17. Profesco
      Hello xXSaberXx. ^_^

      I noticed you'd visited my humble profile. That's quite an honor! Is there anything I can do for you? ^_^
    18. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      who said anything about that
      first you break my heart and then you put words in my mouth ;~;!!

    19. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      oh please don't you go there girlfriend
      i can see the lies in your eyes!

      brb my heart's shattering
    20. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      why don't we talk any more
      we used to be like this -> ..
      now we're like this . .
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    A mad mind-//+++
    Professional Hobo! UNITE!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    +Steppin' Stairs to Nowhere+

    Bleach, Kingdom Hearts II, Drawing, Bleach, Kingdom Hearts II, Drawing. Repeat as Neccesary.


    My Author Website​

    First book sold to Viking/Penguin! ^^

    .__relive the legend__.