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  • It's fine. I was on a trip earlier myself. Anyway, we can have that battle sometime this weekend if you want. Just send me a time and we'll go from there.
    Ok, I thought that you were just wanting a random match. So, sorry for not replying, sure, I would love to battle you. Name the time and place.
    Sorry i havent been on in a while, there was a death in the family. If the offer still stands ill be glad to take the job. if not its okay, its my fault just try to notifiy me when u get another opening.
    lol in answer to your questions:

    1. I'm thinking of getting it going right now actually, all the leader positions are filled, and it'll be a while till anyone gets to the e4.

    2. We're considering that, but you should always ask a gym leader if they willl agree to that arrangement of replacing them.

    3. If they are a 'super nub' :p then we will address that and see that regular evaluations are done.
    lol its fine! when does this stuff suppose to take off. ill be happy to put these people in there place! :D if u have a postition for elite 4 member i would love it. i think if the positions r all ready filled u should let me battle one of them for there spots. useing only there chosen typeing of coarse, to make things fair. 1st come 1st serve? icic it makes perfect since but arnt u worried that one of the 1st come is like a supper nub. idk that kind of stuff would worrie me.
    I'm sorry you have to pick one type. The gym leader positions are filled since you didn't get back to me soon enough, it's first come first serve unfortunately :( You can be an elite 4 member OR be a provisional leader - so if one drops out they can let you know and you can take their place?
    Lol thanks! I got pearl, platium, hg, and black. So can the challengers use whatever they want? Ubers and all? I wont use them regardless, being the prideful person i am. But yea dragon type pokemon r cool, so r dark and rock. Ur choice man. Put me were ever u want and keep me uptated on who im suppose to battle and when. Ohh and can u use past gen pokemon? Or just unova only. Again makes no difference to me. I will need a day to prepare, fightin skyla on black. L8er and thanks again!
    awesome, yeah you can decide the type it's not my decision :D glad to have you aboard! and welcome to the forums too! what games have you got?
    So hello my fellow pokemon fans! I have been a dedicated member of the pokemon family since the launch of the original pokemon silver. As the title suggest, i am a competitive batteler! And to be honest, im a force that wont be taken down easily. Leave me ur friend code if ur feeling brave!!! xXToPicXx
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