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  • aw its good to hear that your feeling better.:)
    yea my dad is coping better with it everyday. and he is starting to look after my family a bit better. he went very depressed for awhile and it was up ta me and my twin sister to look after our younger siblings, which was quite hard, because we were juggling school, siblings and grief all at the same time. but its really good to see my dad getting back on track. :)
    thank you and i know. its so hard. just the chance to talk to them.
    with my mom though it was quite a long process. she had been battling it for 2 years, in and out of remission, it was really hard.
    but in some ways i feel better. she was so sick, and me and my family hated seeing her so sick, and she hated being so sick herself because she was such an active and happy person. and after 2 years of pretty much hell, i know that she wanted to go and not suffer any longer. and im happy that she is in a better place now and she is watching over me and my family and no longer suffering.
    again i am so sorry about your dad. my thoughts are with you and your family.
    i am so sorry to hear about your dad.
    i have actually been through the same thing recently.
    i lost my mom to cancer about 4 months ago.
    i do know how you are feeling. and i understand what your going through.
    if at anytime you need ta talk you can PM me or just chat over visitor messages. :)
    i know its hard, but you need to try and get your mind away from it until you want to grieve. thinking about it all the time is really bad for your mental health and can send you into depression.
    i have still not fully grieved over losing my mom, so everyone grieves in their own time.
    just remember i can talk anytime ok?
    man that must be annoying to have / all the time without being able to repair it,
    it can be everything from your keyboard to the computer itself:(
    It's not me being mean. I've been around here long enough to know how topics like yours turn out. Topics like yours are easy bait for trolls to push your buttons. I'm sorry that you're unhappy with my judgement on the matter but that's simply the way it is. It certianly was not anything personal.
    I've just read your thread.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

    I've never lost a parent, so i can't begin to understand how you're feeling.

    I lost my grandad a few years ago, which isn't the same, but it still hurts me now, it does get better eventually, i promise.

    It might seem like you're alone at the moment, but you still have the rest of your family around you.

    Keep your chin up.
    i just noticed your sig and i think you should ask a computerexpert if he can do anything about the problem you have with typing the /, it will hinder you alot on this forum if you keep it like this XxxJoy.
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