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  • Oh... It hasn't worked... :/

    Here. I'll try again:

    H-hello :)

    You visited my page?

    Was it an accident, or were you just trying to get to know people or (like most people XDDD) Were you just page jumping XDDD?
    Yeah, it may not be the most exciting place, but I've only left Michigan to go to Indiana and Ohio. I'm excited.
    Cool. Short an sweet. My family is thinking about visiting my aunt in Kentucky for a few days. Oh, the home of KFC.
    Haha. My sister knows that she'll get in trouble. I think she does it out of spite.

    So, are you guys staying in Las Vegas for awhile or just taking a small vacation.

    During the Summer, my family usually just does small Stay-cations.
    Wow. I live in Michigan and it's about 90° here. That's pretty hot for Michigan, but it seems cold for Las Vegas. My DS Lite used mess up all the time too. Mostly because my sister would throw stuff at it.
    Hello there, due to an odd glitch in the shop you requested from, Kimisprits' Pixel Palace, making it so that I'm unable to view any of the posts from myself including the starter post even logged in as a different user, I was forced to dig around for my old account information and will be completing your request and posting it instead in my original thread Katatakat's Chao Hut.


    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, and your order will be posted shortly.
    In the Unova season, definitely. But he's turned more dense than anything. And it's a shame too, he was once a good Pokemon trainer, so good that a random guy (in the very first movie) traveled miles across the region just to battle him.
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