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  • I'm also curious as to how Kusaka and the writers would put the Pokemon World Tournament in the B2W2 story. Obviously, they need to include Red, Steven, Blue, etc. and to explain the connection with their appearances in the ORAS chapter.

    As for the ORAS games, it's better "good" than never. What I believe is the makers of this game are trying too hard to appeal to the commoners because of the rise of IOS Apps and Free-to-play games. It was an ok move to Game Freak & Nintendo, but I feel as though Pokemon is losing orginality. It's hard to blame all parties involved for Pokemon to go to this path.
    Considering how B2W2 is still currently floating out there in whatever weird void it's been in for so long, I'm keeping my hopes for ORAS in check. I'm happy with it so far, and it is taking some interesting ideas into the existing Delta Episode story, but I'm not getting too hopeful.

    When it comes to the games, I like ORAS, but the thing is, I don't find them to be bad games but I do find them to be disappointing, which in some ways is worse than just being bad. The games are so frustratingly close to being great, so having to merely call them "good" is worse than it sounds.
    Same here, I've loved her for.... oh wow it's been 11 years now where has the time gone

    Would make up for no Battle Frontier in ORAS if Special picked up the slack.
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