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  • Thank ye! Sorry for the wait, I'm having some internet issues. @w@ I'll be back on in a sec!

    OHH okay that would make sense. Yeah either way it's still a sizable different. @w@
    AHA, I AM ALSO HERE by some miracle as I have been hopping around this whole time. @w@ Gimme just a sec to hop onto ORAS!
    No? Are you not in or near the US despite my assumptions? (Idr your time zone at all so...)
    hey yachu my dumb butt was mass producing the charts quick and didn't relieze I added the wrong hidden ability to litwick LOL but I fixed it now which its infiltrator do you still want its ha?
    Can do! (Tomorrow night as in 10ish hours from now right? @w@) Heh, well, I was working so I guess maybe not as much enjoying as possible, but still okay!
    Time difference is literally the bane of my existence. 95% of my trade partners are on the other side of the world. It's cool being in Japan and all, but I sure do miss the ease of trading I had when I was in the US. @@
    See, I told you you'd be forgiven, and yet I'm the one that ends up not here...All that planning and I ended up having an event all night. I'm so sorry. ;;;-;;;

    I'd say let's try for the weekend so you get a break from waiting and I can make sure I'm here, but actually I leave Fri night for a trip and won't be back until next Tuesday. So I could do the same times tonight or tomorrow night, if you feel like you wanna keep trying. We can also try next week...Whatever you're willing to do. ;w;
    Not at all! I know better than anyone how easy it is to lose time. @w@
    Tomorrow would be lovely! c: (I am still trading right now but won't have time after I finish this current batch (nor the brain power; headache's been brewing for hours @@).)
    Sorry, unfortunately you came on past my available times so I had already left. @@ I could do the same time tonight, as I'll have other trades (but it might take awhile if yer on a time crunch)!
    Heya! I am actually around! / throws confetti
    Need just a moment to finish cloning and add your FC, then I'll be ready whenever. c: (And to confirm, we are trading on 6th yes? And would you like a clone of Pichu back?)
    Yeah, looks like Sunday is gonna be my best day. I ended up out all day today. @w@ I'll set an alarm for that time just in case!
    Heh thank you! Turns out I just needed the night or rest and I was better! c:
    Yes indeed haha. My event that day is early enough that I won't be around in the morning, but I'll be home in the afternoon! Probably the same time we were doing would work the best haha; Sat is a bit too unpredictable to say when exactly I'd be home. @w@ Sun I have nothing though so literally any time from 10 AM to 10 PM my time would be fine.
    Ugh sorry, I didn't come online because I wasn't feeling well. Unless I have a trade time set up I don't always come online (though I don't hide my activity so if you see the green ball next to my name I'm definitely online, and if not then I'm not around). @@ I'm having trouble making evening times so maybe Sat would work better after all? I'm still trying to coordinate with people so I still don't know my available times, tho I'll keep you posted. @@
    Saturday at the same time might work...I have an event that's sorta throughout the day but Idk the exact times due to schedule changes and no one talking about it. @@ So I'll try to get it figured out and let you know!
    JESUS I'm so sorry, I got caught up with another trader and it has taken hours; I'm not even done at the time of posting this. @@ Gen 6 is fine with me! Unfortunately I'll likely have to trade with you tomorrow, or if the timing is too inconvenient, I could probably do my Sat morning or anytime Sun!
    they were alright just not that fun I never bothered with it tbh unless i need stuff for rnging XD I use to rng my shinies XD alot of them were flawless ivs XD since they made it easier to breed now I really haven't rnged much unless I need hp pokemon like I use my rng venasaur to get the hp power fire on bulbasaur and oddish XD
    it sorta is because to get the tm you have to do the battle train >.> which i never got around to get it in bw because I never had to breed for it which I use to rng back in the day when it was popular to do that stuff ^_^
    thank you and I will add your credits in a bit thank you and trust me you love it ^_^ I have access to hg and ss so pretty much I may update more apricorn stuff later on after bank is out ^_^ I am trying to get my friend ball natu with a exclusive egg move atm that can come from black and white/bw2 version XD its learned only by a tm but it passes down apparently in 6th and 7th gen as a egg move according to serebii >.> so I like to try it out never got around to it in 6th gen since been busy breeding alot and shiny hunting XD
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