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  • A huge cut, but it'll take only a few months to grow it back to the length it was since my hair seems to grow super fast.
    No. Even some of the veterans were disappointed, oddly enough. Newbies would actually love the episode. I know of one friend who was not really interested in shipping before. She is now into AmourShipping.

    As such, I think that when I rewatch the episode in a few day's time with subs, I might find it magical, let alone satisfying.

    Oh development indeed xD Three chapters of it. Actually, the first drafts have been ready for weeks now. I just need to have it proofread :D
    Yep! I still feel that it isn't as appreciated by AmourShippers though. Pessimists seem to be more impressed by it, and feel that it progresses Amour, yet AmourShippers are losing hope.

    Dephender yes. And yeah. it means the arc is ruled out. Still...fanfic xD
    Lol xD
    Yeah, I can't wait :D
    That screenshot where she has the scissors to her hair looks epic. I'm hoping she's doing it in a silent rage if that elderly woman in the preview is a cold and strict judge that criticized her appeal or something xD
    Ah the new episode. Well I was disappointed initially due to the overhype, but then I quickly took the hints in face value. And if you think of it that way, then it did progress the ship very well.
    Ash giving her that gift was gold. And I think that is a golden hint too.
    It is sad that this episode, and Ash giving that gift to serena is so badly underrated by AmourShippers of all people.
    Yeah, Motor City rep. Where you from in the city?

    And yeah, I go to Michigan lol. Am a senior now. Thanks man!
    I wanna see this episode in the dub, and I wanna see why Serena cuts her hair in XY60.
    Actually I didn't buy it at all, I was waiting for Serena's 1st Showcase xD
    i loved it, een if i didnt get the flashback i wanted, but it more than made up for it with the interactions among the characters and the pokemon. =)
    I loved the episode. I don't really care about all that shipping hype, just as long as Serena is doing stuff I'm fine XD
    LOL funny if you think about it xD
    No what I mean is, we created our own forum away from Serebii where AmourShippers are the mods and admins. So while this Serebii thread exists, we have our backup forum where no one can touch us.
    Yep. I just put it up. LOL so you are from the US xD And no. It isn't. It began in Chapter 2, and it will "really begin" after Chapter 7. :) But this is a great chapter nevertheless. I'm sure you'll like it :D
    Actually, the plot of my story is in fact the plot of my first love story xD The fanfic is going in the lines of the story of my first girlfriend and I xD But yeah. The speculations are all parts of it.
    It has been. I started it first when I was thinking of it for my fanfic. And I released that chapter now :D Well...the closure of that old thread helped us make our own forum! so no loss.
    Well if she does fall, then it would proceed in the lines of my fanfic because during the showcase, the participant cannot meet her friends/family. Which is why I pulled it off this way.

    Btw do read Chapter 4. The Vaniville Festival, its called :D
    That's because you have been seeing it for a whole lot of time and relating it to my username xD Those from the other forum know me as Ho-oh. LOL
    Damn...busted :p It is a fact though. I do implement our speculations because those ideas are battered and tested. You know the Lumiose Arc discussion that is going on right now? it was started by my proofreader. I am releasing that chapter today.
    As to Serena falling, I didn't get anything better to write :p I wanted something that would shatter her confidence- more or less. So yeah. ANd it won't happen. LOL
    I used to have Delphox before I switched over to Typhlosion because many others had Delphox. I wanted to carve out a unique identity for myself :p
    Anyway, I am writing Chapter 11/12 of my fanfic. It will be released as a sneak preview with the spoilers covered up in our own forum xD
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