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  • Oh and it seems like I even called the Serena tripping in her Tripokelon performance correctly! One of the main things about my Chapter 3 is that she trips and stumbles in the catwalk part of the performance. Though of course, she simply dreams of it in XY058 xD Holy f... man. I'm the Oracle xD
    True. My optimism is one of the more infamous ones here xD and even I didn't predict it. In fact, though I said Serena is giving a gift to Ash in my fanfic, I wouldn't call it a prediction for the actual anime! LOL
    Also true. I prefer hearing the dialogues and understanding it so I can pay more attention to the scene
    LOL I know right? I can't believe I called that gift thing correctly. Except there seems to be one thing off. It looks like Ash is giving Serena a present instead of the other way round. I did plan to have Ash gift her something too, but at a later stage. Chapter 11 or so to be exact. I will tell you though, Chapter 3 might be a little slow. But Chapter 4 will probably be one of the most enjoyable chapters you will read, perhaps next to Chapter 6 xD Maybe I'll release both together.
    Well that's why we have the subbed versions xD And hey, I don't care as long as I get to see the hints! :D
    LOL I did post a bit too! I guess you didn't notice :p
    Yeah. I'll start soon I think. As such I have to finish up Chapter 3 of my fanfic. It is just the addition of some three paragraphs so it isn't that hard. I plan to release the chapter tomorrow. Anyway, Chapter 4 is where the actual fanfic begins. You know, completely my own storyline. After all, that's about as far as you can predict in the series xD
    And I agree with you. the English VAs honestly aren't that bad. But you have to admit that the original is much better.
    Hey! Thanks man! Hahah I was never gone! I always lurked around in silence, dropping by every now and then :p
    Ikr?! This episode is really promising! And anyway, I have to catch up with XY057 and XY058. You know I haven't watched the subbed episodes from XY053 onwards? :p
    Just chatting with some friends haha. So how old are you? (Out of curiosity not creepiness. )
    Yeah, it's extremely slow. And if Ash was on like the 5th gym shouldn't his Pokemon be OVER THEIR FIRST FORM?!!!!!!!!
    Haha! I can't even catch up on the anime... I think I just finished the episode with Ash's gym battle with Clay.
    Thanks! (It was actually yesterday) but thanks once again man! So where's your fam from? I'm half Puerto Rican, half German.
    Yeah I know, it's gonna be a long 12 days lol.
    I guess talking about Dawn may help keep my mind off of it xD
    I see. I have a clearer image of her redesign from the gym battle screenshot, though I'm only like 70-80% sure of what I'm seeing in it. Her hands seem to be on her lap in a possibly girly way-a good sign imo. Also her top is pretty much the clearest thing I see, it's black with a white tie like stripe on it. There seems to be something on her shoulders, can't tell what it is. Her skirt is covered by the stands except for a small part of it near her waist. Her hat looks the same color as her original hat, but it's a fedora instead. Her hair...seems to look ok. Here's the trouble I'm having here though...I swear that the things on her shoulders is part of the back of her hair, but it looks braided or something. It also seems like no one but me sees this, so that's why I'm unsure of it.
    I recommend ORAS because its most up to date and it does have extra story content after the pokemon league.
    I was skeptical at first but i did not end up regretting getting t. =)
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