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  • There is this page "Pokemon XY Series" . Do like it , it is an easy source of previews and stuff. Also for subs. Btw , there is an option on the page to open "posts by page" . Click that. Then see the guy who has posted the movie poster there a while back with some description . U may have to scroll down a bit. So anyway , the guy with that post is me. Dp is me wearing glasses and pic is black and white. Do check this all and tell me if you found it. And like the said post so i can look u up ;)
    Sure is , i almost never take a nap and sleep at like 1am and wake up at 6 . Thata my routine :p
    K. Wait a min
    Hahah I get that a lot. Many people say that I somehow manage to make the behaviour of all the characters look almost the same as the anime to the point that it is possible to believe that it might happen in the anime itself. I know the redesign and ribbon may not have been as special as in the show, but I had written Chapter 7 by the end of November last year, when we knew only one screenshot and the titles of XY059 and XY060. But when I finally came to know about the redesign and the short hair, I decided to apply it in this rather unconventional way xD

    It was easy, yet difficult to write this chapter. I had to ensure that Ash had reason to worry like he did in it, I needed Serena's memory loss to look convincing. But her dialogues and reactions were rather easy to write.

    And that football match. Manchester United vs. Queen's Park Rangers xD

    Thanks man! glad you enjoyed it. I was really scared before releasing this chapter that I might not have been able to live up to the expectations generated by Chapter 7. You're gonna have fun in the next chapter :D I tried to make Chapter 7 creepy, and Chapter 8 rather depressing. And Chapter 9, I intended it to be almost heart-rending in some parts.
    How could u possibly sleep so early after taking a nap :/
    And its 9:50 am here. And yeah , i'll be waiting
    Edit : Just saw the part in brackets. Sorry for doubting ya 8 . Just a misconception ;)
    I'll do it right away
    Yeah sure , my boy =)
    [I need to delete all those VMs] *facepalm*
    Anyways , since u have already read my VMs , the way to find me is in one of em. Look it up. Or should i copy and paste here? Btw , tomorrow is my english exam.
    And have u read my drabble yet?
    Pues, GTA V en mi opina es mas divertido que Advanced Warfare. Pero, si tu creo que tu no puedes esperaras para PS4, compras Advanced Warfare y cuando tu compras PS4, compras GTA 5 tambien. Los graficos son excellentes.
    Exactly ^____^
    Delphox jumps onto his pole and starts doing a circular kick XDDDDD
    If I was any good at animating I would make that my project :(
    LOL now I'm imagining a Delphox wielding a metal pole and taking on 100 Machamps like Neo against the Agent Smiths xDDDDD
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