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  • Buy a pack of 12 from Dollarama! xD
    It would be downright OP and Delphox would be Steel/Psychic/Fire type lol!!
    Oh yo tengo Super Smash Bros 3Ds. Yo deseo que el juego tenga un modo de cuento. Con tiempo, el juego es aburrido.
    I'll use Brick Break once I can stand on two feet!
    I'll enjoy it while it lasts...on the plus side I'll be able to start whacking people with my stick.
    Remember, I'll always be a Fennekin at heart. xD
    Hip Hip Hurray!! Merry Exams :3
    You dont know what pain is , i've been stuck in exams since last month and im only half way through
    Yeah , just watch me *sets collar of shirt lookin all bad as*
    Oh , good. Yeah those shows are pretty cool. I have watched some episodes of Arrow. Yet to watch Breaking Bad. Will do so after exams...
    Yeah , i too hardly watch TV. Only use it to watch live matches.
    I noticed the trend is that annoying Pokemon like Axew and Piplup don't evolve. So I'm pretty confident that Chespin isn't evolving any time soon. xD
    I don't think Fennekin's personality will change haha. Maybe a bit more confident as you say, after that ribbon mishap.
    Crack? LMAO yo no escucho a la cancion Crack. Oh, pues.

    Wonder Trade es en "Pokemon X y Y," "Omega Ruby", y "Alpha Sapphire." Tu no tienes estos juegos?
    I hope someone teases them about it in the next few episodes. :3
    The dub is gonna botch up the beautiful XY060 dock music (the Eternal Prison). :(
    Ah I see. I used to watch the dub but then I started watching the Japanese English subbed version - the music is just superior in every regard. Indeed the VAs aren't that bad, but I've learned that if I'm going to make speculations, I have to base them off of what was said in the Japanese version rather than the dub.
    Haha if Bonnie tagged along with Clemont, then Serena would be sweating all over (like in the date episode) and it wouldn't be from the heat of the desert. xD
    Ohhhh, me gusta la cancion Beez In Da Trap con 2Chainz. Pero, no escucho mucho de 2Chainz.

    Usas WonderTrade?
    Yeah man. At least I managed to finish all my work for tomorrow xD
    For us, once the midterms begin, the hectic period doesn't stop till the semester ends. LOL
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