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  • The scenario itself :) "A bump on the road" is a metaphor for the unexpected hurdle that they face. Thanks man! I'm really glad it is appreciated. It took me quite some effort, especially to write this particular chapter and arc. I made every attempt to make the introduction of Malamar creepy and chilling...and also every attempt to make the injury look convincing.
    Okaz . But do try 'story of my life'. And i also like coldplay and onerepublic somewhat. As i said , i appreciate a good tune whoever the artist may be.
    And yea i love pop 2
    Whos that pokemon guy
    Meh , animals is à different kinda song , the kind one would sing when they were cheated on. The lyrics perfectly fit the theme. And that wolf voice at the end is awsome. Its different and i just love animals. Matter of opinion really
    Agreed , the beat of one more night is just soo cool
    I like all artists who make good tunes. 1D is also one of my fav bands tho
    I told ya so. Im sure it gave you a good laugh or two, i couldnt stop laughing when i came across it :D
    He started to feel something quite a while back. The real deal is coming soon ;) This is the beginning of the Forget arc. There will be two more chapters in this arc, and I'm sure you'll like them too :)
    [ I don't see any reason to call me a pessimist Lol. They just pay attention to the whole negative aspects and not the reason why I point those out. Yep we gotta be realistic sometimes, otherwise we'd be completely absorbed by too much optimism. Yep I did write a fanfic, and I'm writing the new chapter right now Lol.

    For the arguments, we pretty much squeezed the lleH out of this ship for possible outcomes Lol. We only need a very creative and interesting topic to keep things going. That's what I was feeling the whole time. At least keep it close and realistic to the show :D ]
    [ yeah and that comes from my subconscious self lol. I agree, but the more we argue, the more newbies wouldn't dare to enter the realm of debate. While I do enjoy arguments, I sometimes want an understanding between both parties. Now you get me why I point out negative aspects of the pairing Lol ]
    Ey! Well, I appreciate it very much and thanks. I'm good... no I'm feeling great thanks for asking Lol.

    'bout you?
    Glad to know. Those songs aint my favs , i like em , but not my favs. From "V" my favs would be sugar and animals. From "over exposed" my fav would be one more night , tho that whole album is my fav xD
    Yeah me 2 , gosh darnit why is the dub a slowpoke.
    Im having exams :/
    Really? Is the link still not working? Recheck it plz cus it opened on my cell phone and pc. Plz do check it again and tell me. Oh and its not ur typical mr.bean. Trust me
    NP! i'd be silly not to agree with you :)
    haha! I knew it! ^^ real kisses are too much in a Japanese anime for kids :p You're right! We are more open minded than them. Yep! There's no need to despair ^^ I wonder if Valerie will say something about Amour when Ash faces her.
    Oh!!!!!!! Me encanta J. Cole! Yo tengo 2014 Forest Hills Drive en CD. Mi favorita cancion de J. Cole es St. Tropez. El video por “Crooked Smile” tenga una mensaje muy importante.
    do you mean a kiss on the lips? O_O a hug is highly possible... exactly, at the end! [You got it dude! IMO there's always a 50% possibility for Serena to be only a temporary character, but we don't know what the writers have planned for her yet :s, so there's no need to go for the darkest scenario... we are one season away from the end of XY... very negative comments will be valid if Amour really starts to fall apart (after watching real evidence, of course)
    Yep! we have to keep them straight, that's a good philosophy! ^^ keep being positive!
    Yeah im a huge fan . U?
    Btw how r u doin
    Oh and yeah , i edited my post. The second link wasnt working first so if it didnt work for u , try it now. If it opened and the meme made u laugh ur *** off , then it worked :D
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