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  • Hey there! Just a welcome to ASB, similar to Savy. When it comes to getting down the basics I'm your guy, if you are unsure about something or are having trouble finding something feel free to shoot me a message, I'm around quite often. A couple of helpful links

    Here you will find things like acquisition levels, general rules type and species characteristic and most importantly, move descriptions. Make sure you read the move description before you use a move, most of them are different then the games, mostly because we like to make every move usable haha.

    This is the pokedex majority of us use for ASB. The reason why is that it shows every move a pokemon can learn, in any gen. Pokemon can use any move they learn in any gen in ASB, so you have some crazy stuff like Teleport on Arcanine and Zap Cannon on every second pokemon hahaha.

    Also if you really want to get a feel for ASB, you should considering coming over to UPN. ASB is split across the two sites but UPN is far more popular and active. It took me a few months to get over to UPN when I started, when I went over there is when things really started to get going.

    I go by both Austoman over here and TheKnightsFury over on UPN. Look around at other peoples matches, see how they order and how referees go about reffing rounds. Reading is key :)

    Best Wishes.
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