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  • Hello again, i was curious to now if you have any reshirams??
    I you have a competive worthy one, i will add a shiny basculin AND a shiny gyarados in there too!!!
    If it isn't 5 IV, the only the basculin
    yes, i would really appreciate a ho-oh too (if it is Regenarator, i will throw a shiny dragalge in too, otherwise, a shiny poliwag)
    Sorry, but a change in plan, could you switch the landorus for a tornadus (need tornadus more, got landorus in wonder trade)??

    Also, post messages on MY profile, not yours!!
    To be honest even if he does manage to get a scam off me (I'm not stupid.) I wouldn't really mind. Jerkish as I may or may not be, I clone the pokemon if possible just in case if trades like that happen. I also prefer to do 1:1's.

    Thank you kindly for the warning, however.
    I did. He was ignoring me for a while but now suddenly that i've spread the word that he's a cheat he is suddenly looking to get me a keldeo and make things right. I'll take the keldeo but he is still a cheat and if I wouldn't have told everyone he probably would have ignored me.
    If you got scammed you should post it on the trade forums black list so he can be banned. And thanks for letting me know.
    He wanted a shiny palkia. I told him he could have it for a regular palkia and his keldeo. Keldeo never came. He quickly ended the trade and logged offline. This is after I gave him a free Groudon and Cresselia earlier today out of the kindness of my heart.
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