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  • それはごめん。だって言ったとおり、わたしの小説はどこにもポストしていないから、リンクなんでない、だからリンクをあたえられないだ。
    *Reply to your message*
    Yeah they've been doing that for ages. The Japanese actually enjoy our Americanized versions too. They even Dubbed Dragon Knight in Japanese and actually made more money out of that then it did over here. Wish more people liked spandex wearing heroes here.
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    I see. Eh maybe it might be interesting to at least give it a shot but if it seems to have the same kind of thing every other anime these days seem to have in regards to moeblobs, lolis, shotacon, etc. I doubt I'd really like it all that well. I did wanna give Bakuman a chance but I fear it'll be about as dull as death note was since it's by the same author.

    I really wish they'd bring out season 2 of Umineko already.
    I have to admit that is one heck of a faaaaaaabulous transformation. Even so is it worth watching? Youtube has failed me thus far outside of small clips, and honestly unless it's a total spoof of the new age I'm not sure I'd be too into it. I mean it was fine when it was Lelouch but if this guy is to be taken seriously I just don't know if I could ever like him. XD

    Only asking cause I was really into the hot blooded kind so I'm not sure if the change would go well on me. :)
    recently I just read Slam Dunk and Vagabond. Inoue really does deserve a spot on my list of favorite mangaka's for just how awesome he is. His series are amazing.
    Only for another 2 weeks. I was actually unbanned quite a bit ago, but I got banned for something else afterward lol.
    I have been ranting a lot in general, have I? xD Probably just me working on the voicing of my opinions since getting back into my anime blog, though I have been going a bit overboard with the negative implications of my views on Elfen Lied lately...

    don't forget eroge adaptions featuring Jay Leno. XD
    Oh god I lol'd. xD

    EDIT: Speaking of which, I really need to finish that version of Kanon.
    Thanks for sharing that with me. Ah and so far the new Digimon season is great. Though I've been catching up on video games mostly. Just finished Alan Wake. I was skeptical at first if I'd like it, but I really did in the end. It was an interesting concept I've never seen done before in a horror game.
    To be honest I've never heard of Nico Nico Douga, but thanks for telling me about it. Gotta make an account anyway ^^

    A few years ago German anime adaptations were pretty well done. Especially the Digimon series ( btw, I only really like Tamers, was never a big fan of digimon yet I saw all episodes of all series for some reason ^^).

    For many reasons the dubbing quality started sinking in the last few years and the German naruto dub shows this pretty well ( it felt VERY 4KIDS-ish). The only good dub right now is probably One Piece which is almost cut-free nowadays and YuGiOH 5Ds which finally uses the japanese version as source material ( I don't like 5Ds, so this isn't anything to write about honestly).

    It is cool to hear that German version of various anime openings in themes are so well accepted around the world. When I first listened to the US version of the very first Digimon opening I think something died inside of me -.-
    haha indeed. I am intrigued. Though I'm sure it would depend on what those series are about that would decide on whether I'd give them the time of day.
    That Squirtle really was a beast. I am glad you finally understood why it was such a awesome character.

    Anyway, I recently joined Weedle with his boycott. Wanna join? We need somebody who is able to translate japanese, so that we can talk to the writers in Japan in person!

    I posted in one of the earliest threads on ANN about news of this nonsense. Applauded him for an earlier blog post he made protesting it. (Sadly, it's not totally surprising that the people who support this somehow think that this bill would only apply to lolicon, which makes their "GO GO CENSORSHIP" attitude even worse.)

    Also, did the package arrive yet?
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