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Last Activity:
Nov 9, 2013
Jan 25, 2004
Likes Received:
Jul 22, 1986 (Age: 33)

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I own the 5th gen, 33

Yamato-san was last seen:
Nov 9, 2013
    1. Buizelster
      Hm and here I thought it was early 90s... Guess that makes sense then. Though it's too bad I've never heard of most of those series on that list before.
    2. Manetric
      Shuffle and Hit me with your best shot
    3. Buizelster
      Actually I did find it quite interesting. Though I would have chosen Makafushigi Adventure over Cha la head cha la... Just always liked DB's theme more than DBZs... As for the slayers one. I liked "Get along" more. Outside of Pretty Sammy and Escaflowne. I'm unfamiliar with the rest. Though I have to admit the openings were pretty interesting. Thanks for showing me it.
    4. HK
      dammit man is there a reason why you're erratic when it comes to e-mails because this deal would be a helluva easier if we do it that way were you to respond every other day or whatever.
    5. V Faction
      V Faction
      There seems to be something wrong! That computer hasn't budged an inch since I've been starin' at it! It hasn't been useful or helpful at all!

      Eh, must be a Dell.

      Alrighty, weekly visits, got it. I'll write everything I can so you can read all the activities during the week before they happen... but for you, it'll be after they've happened... so maybe it's like the future-past. Or the past-present? Maybe the past-past? Where's a DeLorean when ya need one...
    6. V Faction
      V Faction
      One of the true greats.

      Keep it real, Yamato.
    7. Buizelster
      With the wolf thing? Probably. But people were really happy that the series looked dark and gritty again instead of a cel-shaded kiddy cartoon... Their words not mine.

      Well I think the reason it's easiest to compare it to FFVII is because of how ridiculously overrated it is. I mean when you think of overrated you think of FFVII. So obviously when someone thinks something is overrated they'll immediately tie it in to the most overrated thing they can think of. Maybe FFVII isn't the best comparison but it gets the point across.

      As for Dissidia that's probably true. Then again people probably only ever play as Cloud or Sephiroth anyways I bet. Which is stupid since the good characters like Cecil, Bartz, etc. are largely ignored. Honestly they should just leave FFVII out of games like that.
    8. noobers
    9. CyberCubed
      You can't exactly drill something into someones head without constantly repeating it over and over again. If I didn't constantly post the same things over and over, nobody would remember at all.

      Which reminds me, I need to make another one of my "threads" soon.
    10. S.Suikun
      'Fraid not. =/
    11. HK
      on Saturdays and Sundays yeah.

      see your e-mail.
    12. Kabutopzilla
      No, I am not familiar...

      But chances are I may have seen one or two of his vids. Could you link me to a few please?
    13. Kabutopzilla
      Link's on Strike. :3

      Another masterpiece from SwishFilms Inc. :D
    14. HK
      will e-mail you in just a bit.
    15. Firekit
      Sup Yamato
    16. HK
      actually i forget if you swing that way
    17. HK
      Uh, I check my e-mail like two times a day. Just figured we would run into each other on AIM (best laid plans, blah blah blah).

      There's actually some anime DVDs and manga that I imported from Japan that I would be willing to sell if you have the slightest interest. (One has a fair share of loli nudity!)
    18. Slowking[George]
    19. HK
      Received it, though I figured we would talk about it on AIM (how foolish that notion was!).

      Glad that arrived undamaged, tho, since I was a bit paranoid -- thought that the mail system would **** up some way, considering the tears I've occasionally gotten in my packages.

      Don't do figures, sorry.
    20. HK
      let me know when you receive the package
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    Jul 22, 1986 (Age: 33)


    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

    I translate for #Pocketmonsters (just because I know Japanese does not make me Japanese, stop PMing me).​