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Last Activity:
Nov 9, 2013
Jan 25, 2004
Likes Received:
Jul 22, 1986 (Age: 33)

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I own the 5th gen, 33

Yamato-san was last seen:
Nov 9, 2013
    1. HK
      okay so i move into my dorm in three days a set-up via e-mail would be pretty helpful dogg
    2. TeddiUrsa
      I KNEW a forgot a birthday,...shame on me for doing so... :/

      Happy belated Birthday, Yamato-san!!
    3. Buizelster
      Have both Kallen and CC then. Nothing wrong with that.
    4. HK
      hey man i won't be available to talk until the 23rd of 24th, so shoot me a pm if you come up with a price or whatever.
    5. HK
      I'm still confused on what you are confused about.
    6. HK
      don't have a set price in mind. hash it on on PM if you want.

      cool on Lain. what are you confused about in The Big O.
    7. HK
      Weekly visits would be good, yeah.

      Both offers are still up in the air, yeah. Pick either one.
    8. HK
      please tell me you won't be going away anytime soon

      lot of new stuff. that deal we mentioned a while back via PM is still viable, btw
    9. HK
      where the hell have you gone man
    10. CyberCubed
      Man, you need to come back to the forums every once in awhile.
    11. TeddiUrsa
      Hey, you are back ^^ I bet I wasn´t the only one who was worried because of your absence, good to see that you are still around.

      What is your secret in getting all the stickers in Brawl? Besides getting 100 hours of playtime, this is the only thing do to for me.
    12. HK
      Well it's not as though SPPF is prudish at all!

      So, we have kids on here. By the same mark, isn't there parental approval involved for those under 13, or something?
    13. Juputoru
      Nice to see that RIIFU BURAADO is still going strong after...how long ago DID I manage to come up with that, anyway? Long enough ago that I still posted more than once in a blue moon, anyway. XP
    14. HK
      Your current signature gives me rabbies. The girls with talent were better.
    15. Satoshi
      G-good god! xD And here I assumed it was a late-night show. Or do they actually stay up late for it? xD;; Either way, it's lulz-worthy.... and not that hard to believe, actually.
    16. Satoshi
      @sig: But Kouta's a good boy! ;~;
    17. TeddiUrsa
      Happy Birthday, Yamato-san! ^^
    18. HoennMaster
      Happy Birthday! Mine is today too!
    19. Rave
      Gravy's Mr. Director pic, definitely cannot compete with that of my pic of Gecko Moria and his shadowy awesomeness or my icon of the Radda Raddaing of Schnitzel's awesomeness. =P
    20. Gravy
      It's 'Mr. Director', the Jerry Lewis caricature from Animaniacs. Incredible, incredible character, that Mr. Director.
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    Jul 22, 1986 (Age: 33)


    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

    I translate for #Pocketmonsters (just because I know Japanese does not make me Japanese, stop PMing me).​