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Recent content by Yamato-san

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    Worst Animé Ever

    it is indeed so bad, it's good. Its quality is near-legendary, and if you look around the Japanese-speaking parts of the internet, you may spot a few memes based off of it. I've been meaning to find a moment to check this series out myself.
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    Abridged Series

    oh yeah, I mentioned this one in a Kampfer thread someone made a while back. BTW, is it just me, or do female abridgers tend to not be as good as the males? I guess, as this particular series clearly shows, there's just more of a cultural emphasis on guys falling into the "wacky" and "cartoony"...
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    Did the Anime ruin Piplup for you?

    I can't say I particularly hate Pochama. Yes, its over-usage did bug me, and as Cyber^3 said, its interaction with Hikari did go from being interesting, into just being a mirror of Satoshi and Pikachu (which is especially annoying when you consider that Pochama clearly has no qualms with going...
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    Do you think the DPPt trio will meet the other Dex holders?

    fully-matured Blue... [drools] [cough] When I think about it, the deal with Emerald was that, aside from comparitively fewer Dex-holders compared to now, the saga was more or less relating to the fact that every Pokemon from previous generations was now finally available in generation 3 after...
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    Sony to Release PS2 Titles on PS3 as PSN Exclusives

    so I take it there's STILL gonna be that hideous slow-down occurring when you fight Odette.
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    Lucky Star General Discussion

    just go on E-Hentai Galleries (not linking, obviously) and look up "depressing Lucky Star doujin" (it's categorized as "non-H"). The uploader apparently didn't know the title, and there isn't a cover, title, or credits page to speak of (no raw either, for some reason), so I can't tell you what...
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    Worst Animé Ever

    even though by this point Funimation has redubbed everything that 4kids screwed up, the damage has already been done. 4kids already turned a huge amount of people away and Naruto still remains THE shounen action series in the west. Doesn't help that Cartoon Network decided to cancel its airing...
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsa1ZyrFGj0 For those who haven't heard, the anime's version was a cover. A pretty catchy song, all the same. I don't think Madoka Magica DVDs are set until 2012. Just throwing that out there.
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    Lucky Star General Discussion

    I do recall seeing a doujinshi, but I'd say it was more than a bit over-the-top in trying to make Lucky Star seem sad. Basically, from what I remember (sketchy on the exact details), Konata and Miyuki become lovers, and become more distant towards the twins. Miyuki and her mother end up raping...
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    Things about Anime that non-fans get wrong, annoying you

    you forgot "Kyohko". But yeah, basically, there are differing schools on Japanese romanization (I prefer the "ou" spelling myself). My best guess on why they're at conflict on how to spell that is because most English-speakers would probably look at it and immediately assume it's pronounced "uu"...
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    Abridged Series

    oh man, I need to watch more of hbi2k's material. Thus far, all I've seen are all of Berserk Abridged (and one or two of the commentaries), the first episode of the aforementioned Escaflowne parody, and maybe a couple episodes of his Code Geass parody. I think he also did a Last Exile oneshot...
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    CotDs in pokemon you'd like to see again?

    I'd be kinda "meh" on whether or not she makes another anime appearance, but damn, I could sure go for more of Shizue (Francesca) in some Pokesho fan art. ^^ Akira (AJ), as well as possibly Seiyo (Giselle), should've appeared in the Sekiei Tournament. Also, Grace should've appeared in the...
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    Final Fantasy X... HD-fied

    seriously. FF4 and 6 did it, and they're widely purported to be among the best entries in the series (at least by the fandom that didn't start out in the Nomura era). What do these people want? A job-change system (as much as I friggin' adore it)? Materia?
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    2011 Fall Season

    the recent Hidan no Aria leaves me feeling as though JC Staff thinks everyone wants nothing more than to see Rie Kugimiya's character act like a spoiled *****... oh, and hey, what do you know? A Zero no Tsukaima 4 just got announced. -_-
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    Pokemon Spin-Off?

    hypothetically, if we do end up with a second Pokemon anime, I think it'd be best to just deviate from the current anime's continuity altogether. I don't think anything good's gonna really come out of focusing on characters we've already met, established within the same light-hearted world, and...