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  • If I may ask a couple of questions (hope I'm not being pesky)...

    What date do you think Coro Coro will be leaked (going by a US time zone)?
    Do you think Pokemon Sunday will reveal anything other than the titles?

    I won't get on to you if your predictions turn out to be wrong if you choose to answer the questions.
    I used Babelfish to determine your info and...
    1. Something about being addicted to Pokémon?
    2. Okayama Prefecture, Japan?
    3. Pokémon and [sukebo]
    4. Student

    "Pot of Stopping?"

    P.S. I do want to learn Japanese lol
    Oh well still you're pretty good at explaining things in a simple manner but at the same time it gets to the point lol. I can't do that, it takes forever to explain then I have to edit it just to make it better and I end up all mad because it doesn't seem perfect anyway. Yeah I guess it was a lag. It said something like "Cannot connect/link to the image" or something like that. It looks ok now lol. Speaking of lag, this is the only time of day were there doesn't seem to be a lag so that's probably why you were on :p
    That question you just answered in the HG/SS Help thread; it took me ages to explain it to someone before. You're good at summarizing :S

    Anyway, that image on you signature is missing. I liked it :p
    I thought of a possibility to why I can attack Raikou before it leaves. Just know that I'm NOT doing an April Fool's Prank.

    I think when the Pokemon is fleeing, it preselects a move as it chooses. If it is chooses roar, than Raikou/Entei is going on low priority. This allows even the slowest Pokemon to attack first so long as it chooses a move of higher priority.

    This is just a theory, but does it sound like it could be correct?
    when do u get the SoulSilver Groudon?
    i got the 1st kanto gym badge. (im so SLOW at Games) my friend got HG two days after me and is already done with the whole game !!)
    can we battle with my Soulislver team to test it out, heres my FC:1978 2363 7951
    how u been do you know about steam and half-life well ive been playing them lately/
    Do you know anything about fleeing mechanics in Heart Gold/Soul Silver?

    I was able to get a level 5 Unown to attack a level 40 Raikou before it fled. Do you know what is causing my Pokemon to attack first?
    Those look interesting. I think I've seen one like that posted somewhere. I know Bulbapedia has similar images too. Couldn't you just take snapshots (pictures) of the artwork since you can't get scans?
    Thank you so much for this list. If I may point out one thing, you said that the Dim Cave and the Quiet Cave has the Ruins of Alph music. Do you mean when you're inside or outside of the ruins. If the outside music plays, wouldn't it be identical to the Union Cave Music? If it is inside, I can concur that the music is different.

    Also (and you don't have to accept), but would you like to be my friend? Well, not for any particular reason. 8)
    Oh ok. I thought maybe it was a secret-project you were working on for the site. I see your name being brought up a lot on the main site, usually concerning translations haha. I also see that you've been busy. I hadn't seen you around the HG/SS forum in a while until recently.
    I was wondering if you could do this.

    Could you possibly find out what Pokewalker courses have the same background for the Pokewalker itself and the journal, and which courses share the same music in the journal?
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