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  • Well each post has to be a full paragraph at the very least of not all dialouge then people have life and live in different time zones. So it difficult to be fully committed to something like that and post everyday. I like that because it improves the writing skill and help you learn how to get your character feeling through without just saying it.

    When Smilie RPG were allowed in the game section I joined them to get away from the contants seriously writing RPG to join something quick that didn't need much details. That was fine too but it was often difficult to keep up and things mysteriously happened to my characters when I returned. Like when I came back Lucian was getting married. But like you said it was still fun, too bad it isn't allowed anymore.

    Overall I still love RPG not matter which it is.
    Thanks same good luck to you. I was just reading the first Pokekmon Power Legends... man it was hectic XD
    I'm playing some other people RPG and I getting down details for my own RPG. Pokemon Power Legends II was the first RPG I've ever been the Game Master of and I will admit I was overwhelmed. And then I got busy... I'm going to try another one with maybe not so many people if possible to get used to it.
    I'm fine, nothing to really complain about. I am looking for a job, which isn't going that well. But other than that everything is alright.
    Yo Yanmegamaster, what's up? I haven't seen you since that remake of Pokemon Power Legends. How are things going?
    meh, fair enough. =P

    can you also control the Kirlia as an NPC for me? Give her a name? don't feel like controlling the Kirlia right now.
    eh, just say he felt the emotions of a Chansey. Chansey are kinda rare, are nurses, and those of the Ralts line can sense emotions anyway. =P (part of the Pokemon, not exactly a power)
    it is a limit on power if the power is super speed. cuz
    no directions person+running at high speeds="where the hell am I?!"
    Look at his sign up... lack of direction. he gets lost REAL easily, and his personality stops him from using it against a foe who doesn't have the advantage of speed normally. =P
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