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Last Activity:
Apr 22, 2011
Jul 21, 2008
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Level 78 Pidgey

Yaya was last seen:
Apr 22, 2011
    1. Ysavvryl
      Not right now; there's a number of active players and I left a spot for one person already. Sorry.
    2. Willow's Tara
      Willow's Tara
      Really? Hm I know I did post in it, have you tried scrolling up and seeing if my post ended elsewhere, I seen that happen before
    3. Slipomatic
      yep, because I am not going to GM pokemon perspective and if ninetailed wants me to GM the game, it's getting a restart and since I sort of watch the show still. It'll run similar to the show in terms of alternating between training, contests, gym battles, trainer battles, things off the side. But I'd make sure that we'd stay, for the most part, like any pokemon trainer who was serious about it would take it.

      But it's not my place to do anything about it. Let's just hope Gym Wars doesn't die again, because if it does, I'm giving it the R.I.P.
    4. Killer_Squirtle
      What time is it there? its only 20-to-8 here.
    5. Killer_Squirtle
      Sure, go right on ahead.
    6. Killer_Squirtle
      Just a reminder to you, you still have that reserve in Murder by the Dead 2.
    7. Slipomatic
      mmmm, I think I may have bunnied quite a bit agreed?
    8. Slipomatic
      er.... You might want to expand on your post and include more. read the few posts above ;)
    9. Skillfulness
      Oh, right, sorry! Expert procrastinator here :P I'll get right on that...
    10. Skillfulness
      WHOA! That's pretty sweet. Happy belated Birthday!
    11. Slipomatic
      lol, I did sneak in him attempting to use iron tail without noticing it at all. Kris will tell Sepra later when he's done throwing his tantrum of losing again :D
    12. Slipomatic
      rawr, I hope you didn't mind my somewhat bunny of getting my tail whipped, or in this case, a bad case of head pounding.
    13. Purplepassion
      Oh. Whoops. I'll reply now.
    14. Slipomatic
      lol, it's all good. It's obvious that Sepra is going to lose anyways :D

      He doesn't have the fury attack power in him unless Cricket is pretty much hurt badly :P

      I can go ahead and tell you this. Sepra will lose to Evgeni, nuff said. I sort of want to make it where Kris needs to realize that Sepra needs more training and thus Sepra will eventually learn iron tail or aqua tail and some other offensive attacks. I mean headbutt, ice beam, swift, and tackle isn't quite an arsenal of offensive moves you know.
    15. Slipomatic
      lol, well Ninetailed nailed the depression for good. I take it that Sepra is going to get the snuff beaten out of him right? :D
    16. Slipomatic
      lol, looks like Sepra is going to take a beating from Evgeni sometime in the future lol I'm looking forward towards when that happens. He might just need it. It all depends on what Ninetailed does. going to sleep unfortunately :P

      no one responds to my VMs anymore. Do I perhaps spam too much?
    17. Slipomatic
      whee, more horrifying problems for Sepra :D

      I think I have gone a bit whacky... enjoying making my character suffer D:

      I've been reading too much of a few fan-fics. :P
    18. Slipomatic
      bleh, I'm tired. Goodnight. I'll probably post a response sometime in the morning if you decide to post up.
    19. Slipomatic
      Yaya is at a loss for words :O

      :D :D :D :D :D :D
    20. Slipomatic
      I'd say that you did. I hope you enjoy reading the PM as it's what you ruined :P
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